REHOMED!! Cute Chihuahua Jack Russell Terrier Mix Dog Woodland Hills CA


Cozy has been rehomed! This adorable little cuddle bug has been adopted by Angeline and her family in Calabasas. The family consists of Angeline and her husband, and two kids, aged 10 and 13. They have been wanting to adopt a dog for a while now, and Cozy was the perfect fit for their family, who plan to take her everywhere they go.

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Here is how our LA dog rehoming team presented Cozy to attract her new family:

Hi, My name is Cozy!

Cozy definitely lives up to her name. This adorable little “stuffed teddy bear” of a dog is the cutest thing on four legs. Cozy hails from Sweden! Her owners adopted her and brought her with them to Los Angeles. She has been their baby since she was a puppy, and has been cherished and very well cared for throughout her life.

Sadly, her owner has developed servere pet dander allergies which have made being around Cozy very difficult. Cozy loves to snuggle, and this leaves her owner with her eyes itching, running and burning for days afterward.

As if that weren’t enough, increased job demands are requiring travel, and little Cozy is having to be cared for by pet sitters, which is not good for such a devoted little dog as she.

Cozy is very healthy. She is spayed, up to date on shots, micro-chipped and perfectly housebroken. She loves everyone she meets and really is a bundle of love. She is 7 years young and weighs 17 pounds.

Cozy is looking for the best home ever. Her ideal life would be with a senior or retired dog lover with lots of time to spend with her. She loves to be on your lap getting belly rubs and cuddles. A fenced yard would be great, but not essential. Her biggest need is lots of love and companionship.

Please offer Cozy the loving home she needs and very much deserves today. She can’t wait to melt your heart with her sweetness and add love and joy to your life.


Location: Woodland Hills, CA, 91367
Type of Pet: Dog
Breed: Chihuahua and Jack Russel MIX
Age: 7
Color/Coat Type: white w tan spots
Size: around 17 pounds
Health Issues: NO
Behavior Issues: NO

Cozy is:
Spayed, Microchipped, Vaccinated, House Trained

Cozy gets along with:Adults, children, dogs, cats


EVERYONE that know her says that she’s the cutest and most loving dog ever.
She’s honestly so sweet and cuddly that i have nothing bad to say about her.

Food and Diet

Cozy is currently on Other

I switch her food every once in awhile but usually PURINA w. chicken or salmon.
We don’t have specific times that we feed her but after morning walk and after evening walk.

Reason For Rehoming

We’ve had our lovely little lady since she was 2 months old, we bought her in Sweden and brought her over her when we moved to Los Angeles
She is THE most loving little girl and i breaks my heart even writing to you about rehoming her.
There are mainly 2 reasons we have to find her a new home.
1. I’ve always had an allergy for pets but i’ve been doing pretty good with her. But since we came home from our last long trip 8 months ago i’ve been having a lot harder to be around her. She is so cuddly and craves a lot of love but as soon as I pet her my face, eyes and nose start itching and get swollen and it wont go over until the next morning. Even if i wash my hands right after petting her. This is a painful situation for both her and me.
2. Our work is requiring that we will travel more, sometimes several times a month and sometimes for months in a row. We had a sitter for the shorter trips before but she’s not available anymore and since then she’s been hopping around to different sitters which doesn’t feel good or right to her. This is becoming a hassle for all of us and have finally after several months of hesitation agreed that she deserves more.