Standard Schnauzer Dog Breed Information Guide


The Schnauzer is the mid-sized variety of the Schnauzer family. He has a similar build to his counterparts – square and solid, and sporting a handsome beard. This feature, is the single most recognisable feature of all Schnauzers and presents a contemplative, even aristocratic expression. The Standard Schnauzer is a marvellous dog for a busy home where many people can share in the exercise needs of the Standard Schnauzer. These needs, while not overly demanding are a part of a healthy Schnauzer’s daily routine.

The Standard Schnauzer makes an excellent watch dog and his sharp, obstreperous bark will signal the approach of all visitors. In fact the Standard Schnauzer appears more threatening than he really is. He is a trustworthy dog and a faithful companion to any family.

Standard Schnauzer History

Like the Rottweiler, the German Shepherd and the Doberman Pinscher, the Standard Schnauzer originated in Germany, where it found use as an all around farm dog. The Schnauzer was first introduced to North America in the 1920’s. Since then, they have become increasingly popular pets for their intelligence and protective nature. Today the Standard Schnauzer remains a popular breed, even though its use on the farm has greatly diminished.

Standard Schnauzer Appearance

The Standard Schnauzer is a robust, solid dog. The overall appearance is quite similar to that of the Miniature Schnauzer, with the noted exception of the Standard’s superior size. The Standard Schnauzer is square in shape, with a broad body and deep chest. The Standard Schnauzer has a thick, wiry outercoat and a softer undercoat. There are only two possible colours for the coat; pure black and a salt and pepper variety.

Perhaps the most distinguishing features on the Standard Schnauzer are the prominent beard, moustache and eyebrows. The beard is customarily 3- 4 inches in length, although some owners may prefer a slightly shorter, more manageable length. The eyebrows are groomed to feather over the eye and the moustache is generally trimmed. The tail is customarily docked.

Standard Schnauzer Temperament

This breed is well known for their protectiveness, and they are quite excellent watch dogs as a result. It is important, however, for owners of these dogs to properly socialize their puppies in order to prevent conflicts with people and other animals. A properly socialized Standard Schnauzer generally gets along just beautifully with both people and other animals (the cat may disagree). In fact, some Standard Schnauzers work as therapy dogs for children and the disabled.

The most common complaint about the Standard Schnauzer is that they are slow to mature. Owners report several years of puppy behaviour, during which time the patience of even the most diligent owner can be tested. Your family cat will have long since lost patience and tolerance for your Standard Schnauzer. While you can teach your Schnauzer to ignore the cat, it can be a Herculean feat.

Standard Schnauzer Exercise Info

There’s no denying that your Standard Schnauzer will need lots of daily exercise. More precisely, he will need at least an hour of challenging play – running, swimming fetching and the like every day. So, if your vision of a family dog involves leisurely strolls through a city parkette, then the Standard Schnauzer may not be for you. However, if you and your family are keen to commune with nature and all its offerings, then step right up!

Standard Schnauzer Grooming Info

The coat of the Standard Schnauzer is actually a double coat, with a soft and thick undercoat covered by an outer layer of wiry hair. This double coat means that the Standard Schnauzer should be brushed on a regular basis in order to avoid the problems of mats and excessive shedding. This regular grooming will also help dog owners spot any skin problems, fleas, ticks or other issues more quickly.

Standard Schnauzer Training Info

Standard Schnauzers are bouncy and jumpy by nature and can overwhelm visitors. The responsible owner will discourage this behaviour from day one. Because the Standard Schnauzer seems to live with a puppy mentality for several years, there are long term training needs. If the Schnauzer gets the notion that your resolve is weakening, look out! Once habituated into believing that he is your equal, the Standard Schnauzer is very resistant to re-training.

One other consideration is that the Standard Schnauzer was bred to rid farms of vermin. Therefore it will relentlessly chase all things small and fury (cats beware), and will nip usually playfully, at small defenceless creatures (think children who reckon the dogs ears are there for the pulling). Clearly, this behaviour must be curbed early.

Standard Schnauzer Health Info

As with other large and medium breeds of dogs, the Standard Schnauzer can be prone to the problem of hip dysplasia, and care should be used when choosing a breeder. It is important for dog owners to discuss any health related issues and concerns with their veterinarian, and to watch out for early signs of illness or injury.

Standard Schnauzer Right Breed Info

The Standard Schnauzer makes an ideal companion for people and families who enjoy the great outdoors. Schnauzers adore long car trips – perhaps because they anticipate running home! If you have children that are teens or older, the Standard Schnauzer will make a much beloved addition to your family. As always, resist the urge to purchase a dog inexpensively from a pet store or from an advertisement in a newspaper. You may unwittingly buy a mal-adjusted, sick, puppy mill dog. This is to be avoided at all costs.

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