Clumber Spaniel Dog Breed Information Guide


Clumber Spaniel Dog Breed Information Guide
The Hush Puppy of the Spaniel family, the Clumber is a low-set and massively built individual, standing anywhere from 17-20 inches tall at the shoulder and yet weighing up to 85 pounds as an adult. Originally bred as a hunting dog, they also make excellent pets, although they have a tendency to believe they are oversized lap dogs.

Clumber Spaniel History

There is a great deal of speculation surrounding the Clumber Spaniel’s origin, with some believing that it is a French breed that was introduced to Britan when the Duc de Noailles gave his favorite spaniel dogs to the Duke of Newcastle during the French Revolution. Others claim that the Clumber is a uniquely British breed, created by crossing a variety of old English spaniels with popular hounds, such as the Basset (hence this breed’s unusual appearance). Regardless of his origins, however, it’s known that he was primarily developed in Britain and that he is named after Clumber Park, located in Nottinghamshire.

It’s William Mansell, the Duke of Newcastle’s gamekeeper, who is given credit for helping the Clumber Spaniel develop into the fine dog that he is today. He was also a favorite hunting dog of Prince Albert and of his son, King Edward VII, and Queen Victoria was even noted for having been a fan of the breed, commenting in her diary on how the Clumber Spaniels were “such dear, nice dogs.”

While the Clumber Spaniel was not a favorite in the show rings, prior to the 1960’s, he was imported to the United States as far back as the mid 1800’s and was, in fact, a popular breed even before the founding of the AKC registry.

Clumber Spaniel Appearance

The Clumber Spaniel is often mistaken for a Basset Hound crossbreed. Massively built, with heavy bone despite his short stature, he even bears the droopy-eyed appearance that is commonly attributed to the hound. Make no mistake, however – the Clumber Spaniel is a breed all his own!

Predominantly white in color, the Clumber Spaniel has limited markings of either lemon or orange in color. His coat is surprisingly soft and thick – ideal for his style of hunting, although the Clumbers are notorious for shedding. True fans of this sweet and lovable spaniel, however, are more than willing to overlook this flaw.

Clumber Spaniel Temperament

Unlike many members of the Spaniel family, Clumbers are known for their sweet and loving natures. In fact, they are well-known for their tendency for trying to act the part of lap dogs, while failing to realize that they are simply too large to fit!

The Clumber Spaniel is a wonderful family dog, but is commonly aloof or standoffish with strangers. While they are generally very good with children, particularly with babies, this breed can have problems with their hips and it’s generally a good idea to hold off getting a Clumber until your children are a bit older and are less likely to fall on the beloved family pet or drag down on his hindquarters or tail.

Clumber Spaniel Exercise Info

While playful as puppies, some adult Clumber Spaniels tend to be lazy and are content to spend the day loafing about as giant couch potatoes. This can, of course, lead to a risk of obesity and it’s important to coax even the most unmotivated individuals out for at least one daily walk, just to keep him healthy.

Clumber Spaniel Grooming Info

The Clumber Spaniel has a wonderfully soft and silky coat that is both plush and dense. However, with such soft hair comes a price – The Clumber Spaniel is a serious, almost constant, shedder. Anyone considering the breed must be prepared to live with a lint-roller in hand and not be afraid to wear white after Labor Day!

Clumber Spaniel Training Info

Clumber Spaniels are very intelligent dogs and generally love to please, though they can have a stubborn streak. They respond very poorly to harsh tones or a strong hand, often leading impatient individuals to believe that they are “dumb dogs.” Nothing could be further from the truth however! In fact, the uncooperative Clumber Spaniel is probably doing his best to be patient and train YOU how he believes things should be done!

A great deal of patience and lots of positive reinforcement will work wonders with this breed. They love to please and will certainly repeat behaviors that they learn make you happy.

Clumber Spaniel Health Info

All in all, Clumber Spaniels are a pretty healthy breed. Some individuals can experience problems with their eyes, so it’s important to look out for potential problems like cherry eye with this breed. Also, due to their long back, they are quite often plagued with hip dysplasia. For this reason, it’s essential you give your potential breeder careful consideration when you go to purchase a Clumber Spaniel puppy. Ensure your breeder is well-educated in health problems of the Clumber Spaniel, that they do proper testing, and that they offer a guarantee in the event that your dog does develop hip problems.

Also, be sure to teach your Clumber Spaniel not to jump up on furniture or beds – this will help to lessen the chances of hip problems.

Clumber Spaniel Right Breed Info

The Clumber Spaniel is a very unique and loving individual that makes an ideal family pet, particularly for families who don’t want an overly athletic pet. However, this doesn’t mean that the Clumber is for everyone.

Do you mind dog hair or are you looking for a non-shedding breed? How do you feel about drooling? Or snoring? All of these are things that the potential Clumber Spaniel owner must take into consideration – While wonderfully loyal and a sheer joy to be around, not everyone is happy with a dog that dribbles halfway across the kitchen floor after he takes a drink.

If you can overlook his few faults, however, the Clumber Spaniel is a magnificent breed and could certainly prove to be the best four-legged friend a family could ask for!

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