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Cat adoption listings. Adopting a preloved cat or kitten from the owner has so many benefits! You get to learn all about your new cat or kitten from the person who knows it best – the owner.

When cat owners are faced with difficult situations which make rehoming their cat necessary, we help place preloved felines in good homes through our cat adoption pages.

Most of the cats and kittens listed on our pages have been spayed or neutered, are up to date on shots, microchipped and perfectly litter trained. These cats and kittens usually come with lots of supplies from their owner.
You can help keep beloved family cats out of shelters by adopting directly from the owner.

Need to Find a Good Home For Your Cat or Kitten?

Pet Net offers expert help in rehoming cats and kittens throughout the USA and Canada. If you need help finding your feline friend a good home safely, effectively and permanently, please request our cat rehoming services today!

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Cats and Kittens for Adoption

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Kitty Dukakis - Tortoiseshell Cat For Adoption New York City

Female Tortoiseshell Cat For Adoption in New York City NY – Adopt Kitty Dukakis

Meet Kitty Dukakis – Sensational Tortoiseshell Cat For Adoption in New York City NY There is a $25 adoption/rehoming fee. …

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Libby - Senior Tabby Cat For Adoption in Dallas Texas 4

Cuddly Tabby Cat For Adoption in Dallas Texas – Adopt Libby Today

Libby is a love! This adorable 13 years young female tabby cat is as cuddly as they come. She is a beautiful girl, with her brown tabby coat accented with white and gold. She has amazing green eyes and the most melodious mew. Spending time with this lovely senior cat is divine.

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Marcus - American Shorthair Mix Cat For Adoption Henderson Nevada NV

Blue Eyed Siamese Mix Cat For Adoption by Owner in Henderson Nevada – Adopt Marcus Today

Meet Marcus, Blue Eyed Siamese Tabby Mix Cat For Adoption in Henderson Nevada Marcus is such a love! This big, …

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Charlie - Calico Tabby Cat For Adoption in Boston MA 2

Sweet Calico Tabby Cat For Adoption Boston MA Massachusetts – Adopt Charlie Today

Looking for a beautiful Calico cat to adopt near Boston? How about a Tabby cat? Charlie is a Calico Tabby – with gorgeous light green eyes and the fluffiest tummy you will ever rub.

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Oliver - Tabby Tuxedo Cat For Adoption in Nashville Tennessee TN

Tuxedo Tabby Kitten For Adoption in Nashville TN Tennessee – Adopt Oliver Today

Meet Handsome Oscar – A 6 Month Old Male Tuxedo Tabby Kitten For Adoption in Nashville Tennesee TN Looking for …

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Macy - Stunning Long Haired Maine Coon Mix Cat For Adoption San Francisco CA

Stunning Longhaired Tortoiseshell Turkish Angora Mix Cat For Adoption (With Friend) in San Francisco CA – Adopt Tiki and Macy

With her silky long coat, angular features and striking green eyes, Macy is clearly a Turkish Angora mix. Meet Macy …

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Adopt a Cat or Kitten on Pet Net!

Thinking of adopting a cat or kitten? Pet Net helps unite cat owners who can no longer care for their companions with cat lovers looking to add a wonderful pre-loved cat or kitten to their lives. Find cats and kittens for adoption by owner throughout the USA and Canada on Pet Net.