Pumpkin & Munch – Senior Tabby Cat Sweethearts Seek Loving NYC Area Home – Supplies Included


senior-bonded-cats-seek-loving-home-in-nyBronx, New York – Pumpkin and Munch may be a little “long in the whiskers”, but they make up for their advanced age with so much love and devotion. This closely bonded brother and sister pair are 16 years young, and still going strong. They are such cuddle-cats. They even like being carried around from time to time.

Pumpkin is the male of the pair. He is a vibrant orange tabby cat with such an outgoing and friendly nature. He loves people, and tends to want to be wherever you are. He is very gentle and sweet. He purrs up a storm – such a comforting sound – it makes you feel that all is right with the world.


Munch is also very sweet. She can be very shy with strangers, and it will take her a while to warm up to her new person. If you give her the time and space she needs to become accustomed to you, you will be rewarded by such love and affection from this tiny little gray tabby cat.

Both cats have some minor health issues, however their owner is prepared to bear the costs of anything they may need for the rest of their days. All their new owner needs to provide is a very loving, safe and happy environment for them, and plenty of time to spend with these precious pussycats.senior-bonded-cats-seek-loving-home-in-ny-3

The owner loves these cats very much. She has a very strong calling to join a Monastic community in Wisconsin. Unfortunately pets are not allowed. She is dearly hoping to find the right person or couple who will embrace the opportunity to receive the gentle, loving attention of Pumpkin and Munch, for as much time as they have left. She is very willing to provide for anything they may need in the way of supplies or veterinary care.  She would love to keep in touch with you as well, just to hear how the kitties are doing and make sure they have everything they need.

These two would make wonderful companions for elderly cat lovers on a limited income who would enjoy the pleasures of  pet ownership. These two really are very special.

If you have room in your heart and home, and would like to add Pumpkin and Munch to your life, please offer them a home today.

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Once received, we will contact you to discuss your request and set up a mutually convenient time to meet Pumpkin & Munch and their owner in their home or yours.

Meet Pumpkin and Munch

Location: Bronx, NY, 10471
Type of Pet: Cat
Breed: domestic short hair
Age: 16 years
Color/Coat Type: Pumpkin -orange tabby, Munch gray tabby, short
Size: Pumpkin 9.4 lb, Munch 5.4
Health Issues: Minor – owner willing to bear costs of vet care.
Behavior Issues:no – typical cat behavior

Pumpkin & Munch is:
Fully vaccinated

Pumpkin & Munch gets along with:


Both of them (they are male/female siblings) are very affectionate. They need to be around people, they both ask for attention throughout the day, and both tend to be near me a lot of the time I’m home. When I come home they love to be petted before eating. In the morning we have a little ‘love-fest’ before I get out of bed. They’re very people-oriented.

They have some differences. Pumpkin is immediately friendly with anyone he meets. He’s not picky and everybody loves him. Munch is extremely shy with people she doesn’t know. When people come over she typically hides under the bed until they’re gone. She does slowly get to know people but it takes a while. When my sister took care of them Munch hid for three weeks. Finally when she did start coming out she was her usual attention-seeking self.

Pumpkin is more dominant and more territorial. If Munch is on the couch grooming herself and Pumpkin jumps up next to her she might hiss at him and run off. On the other hand, they often hang out together with me, and they groom each other and eat next to each other with no problems at all.

Pumpkin is more insistent when he wants attention. If I’m busy doing something, he’ll meow and follow me around. If I’m sitting he’ll get in front of me or on me and won’t go away until I give him my full attention. For example, as I was typing this up he came over and stood next to the laptop and meowed. I petted him, then went back to typing. He meowed and then pawed at me and stared at me. The only thing to do is to stop my work, look at him, pet him, let him lick my hand to his heart’s content (several minutes) and then finally he goes on his way. Not that I mind this, of course! It’s very endearing. I’m just saying he needs a certain amount of attention every day.

Munch is more compliant. She’ll pick opportune times to visit, like when I’m reading or typing or going to the bathroom.
She follows me in and puts her paws on my knees, ‘demanding’ a back rub. But if I shoo her away she’ll go away and doesn’t meow or anything. (I don’t usually shoo her away).

They both like to be picked up and carried around every once in a while. Most of the time they sit in the same room where I am and they sleep with me often, though not always. They both want to be petted throughout the day or evening.

Munch comes when I call her to get petted. She’ll jump in my lap for some attention and after a minute or two goes back to her nap. She also jumps up every now and then on my lap or on the table when I’m typing or reading. She loves to be stroked firmly on her back and scratched firmly on her face and eyes and chin.

Reason For Rehoming

I’ve had a major life transition and have decided to join an ecumenical Benedictine community in Wisconsin (Holy Wisdom Monastery). They do not allow pets. I truly wanted to see my cats through to the end of their lives, but it’s not possible if I follow this path.