Allie Great Dane Puppy Adoption Birmingham Al (2)

Great Dane Puppy For Adoption in Birmingham Alabama – Supplies Included – Adopt Allie Foster

Looking for a young, healthy Great Dane Dog to adopt in Birmingham, Alabama? Just 20 months years old and weighing 125 pounds, Allie is looking for her forever home in Birmingham. This gorgeous girl has a sleek black coat and big brown eyes. She is very healthy and has been spayed, fully vaccinated, house-broken, crate-trained and leash trained. She is good with older children and adults and enjoys the company of other dogs. Allie's life changed drastically when her bachelor owner met his match. They have since moved in together into a much smaller place, and there just isn't time or room to provide Allie with the exercise and playtime she needs to stay happy and healthy. Her owner wants Allie to live her best life, and has made the difficult decision to place her for adoption to a loving family with lots of space, a big, securely fenced yard, and some big kids or teens to play with her. She's too big for a home with small children, as she's still growing into her legs and can be clumsy and rough, without knowing better. (She hasn't spent time around children). With a bit of experience and some positive behavior modification, Allie is going to be the best family dog in Alabama. #GreatDane #GreatDaneRehoming #AlabamaGreatDanes #AdoptaGreatDane #BirminghamAL #DogsofBirmingham #GreatDanesofIG #GreatDanesofInstagram #DogsofIG #DanesofIG #Instadog #InstaDane #AdoptDontShop
Bernese Mountain Dog Great Dane Mix Dog Adoption Edmonton AB (2)

Great Dane x Bernese Mountain Dog Mix for Adoption in Ardrossan, Alberta – Supplies Included – Adopt Thor

Looking for a Great Dane x Bernese Mountain Dog mix to adopt in Ardrossan, Alberta? Just 2.5 years old and weighing about 65lbs, Thor is a handsome and healthy boy.  He is what we call a "ready to love" dog, since he has had all his vet care done up to date - he's been fixed, fully vaccinated, housebroken, microchipped, leash trained and crate-trained. Although he appears mighty, Thor is actually a pussycat! He is afraid of tiny puppies, and needs lots of reassurance. He loves to cuddle, and is very fond of children. Thor gives you a reason to smile every day, whether it's watching his hilarious "zoomies" in the back yard, or just looking at his adorable face. He's a first-hand family member, and shows his love for everyone in the family constantly. If you are located within a reasonable distance of Edmonton Alberta and would like to offer Thor his forever home, please get in touch today by visiting the link to his adoption story page. #EdmontonDogs #DogsofEdmonton #BerneseMountainDogs #BerneseMountainDogMix #GreatDanes #GreatDaneMix #DogsofIG #Instadogs #DogsofInstagram #GreatDanesofInstagram #BerneseMountainDogsofIG #AdoptdontshopEdmonton #ArdrossanAB #EdmontonDogAdoptions #EdmontonDogRehoming
Dobby Great Dane Bloodhound Mix Dog Adoption San Antonio TX

Great Dane x Bloodhound Mix Dog For Adoption in San Antonio Texas – Supplies Included – Adopt Dobby

Looking for a Great Dane or Bloodhound Dog to adopt in San Antonio, Texas? Why not enjoy the best of both breeds by adopting Dobby, a very handsome mix looking for his forever home in San Antonio and area. Less than 2 years old and weighing 100 lbs, Dobby is one of those dogs that can steal your heart within moments of meeting him. He's a big ole lap dog with so much love to offer everyone he meets. Dobby is in great health. He has been fixed, fully vaccinated, micro-chipped, house-broken, leash trained and obedience trained. Dobby is good with people of all ages and other dogs, dog-friendly cats, and other animals. #GreatDanes #Bloodhounds #GreatDaneBloodhoundMix #SanAntonioDogs #DogsofSanAntonio #Adoptdontshop #GreatDanesofIG #GreatDanesofInstagram #BloodhoundsofIG #BloodhoundsofInstagram #Instahounds #AmazingMutts #CuteDogs #cutemutts
Siberian Husky Yellow Lab Great Dane Mix Dog For Adoption In San Antonio, Texas – Supplies Included – Adopt Didi

Siberian Husky Yellow Lab Great Dane Mix Dog For Adoption in San Antonio, Texas – Supplies Included – Adopt Didi

Looking for a (Siberian Husky Yellow Labrador Retriever Great Dane mix) Dog to adopt in San Antonio, TX? Just 1.5 years old and weighing 65 lbs, Didi has been fixed, fully vaccinated, housebroken, and microchipped. Didi is good with adults, children, visitors and dog-friendly cats. She is not a big fan of other dogs, so needs a home where she can be your one and only. Adopt Didi today! #BlueEyedDogs #SanAntonioDogAdoptions #SiberianHusky #AdoptDontShop #LabradorRetrieverMix #LabMix #HuskyMix #SanAntonioDogRehoming #FamilyDogs #Pre-lovedDogs #GreatDaneMix #AmazingMutts #MixBreedDogsofIG #Instadog #DogsofSanAntonio #SanAntoniodogs #MuttsofInstagram #InstaMutts