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Cute Tabby Kitten For Adoption
Kittens are “cuteness personified”

Find kittens for adoption near you. Need to rehome a kitten or litter of kittens? Get help from our expert kitten rehoming team today. Click here!

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Have you been thinking of adding a new kitten or two to your home? Pet Rehoming Network can help you find the little purring machine to add love, joy and laughter to your life.

Our kitten rehoming program helps owners needing to find a good home for a kitten or litter of kittens to find a home where kitten will be cherished and kept safe, happy and healthy for life.

So when you adopt a kitten through our service, you know that your new kitten has been pre-loved. Most of the kittens we rehome come with vet records, supplies and accessories. Many have been fully vaccinated, litter-box trained and well socialized.  Adopt a pre-loved kitten today!

Kittens For Adoption in BC

Kittens For Adoption Near You

The kittens detailed below are currently available for adoption. Just click a kitten’s photo to view their adoption story page with full details on how to apply to adopt.

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Orange tabby kitten for adoption in la mesa ca – adopt 5 mo male called archie

Orange Tabby Kitten For Adoption in La Mesa CA – Adopt 5 MO Male Called Archie

Looking for an ultra-sweet Orange Tabby kitten for adoption in La Mesa CA and area? Meet Archie, a 5 month old kitten looking for his forever Mom and/or Dad.

To say that Archie is a purring machine would be an understatement. He is like a little orange ray of sunshine adding love and laughter to your day – every day. He is one of those rare cats that are as gentle and affectionate as they are adorable.

Archie has the most unique markings – his cute face sports perfectly symmetrical orange tabby with a white outline around his nose that looks like a flame. His cute white paws complete the look – he is absolutely irresistible!

Polydactyl tabby kitten for private adoption jacksonville florida – adopt bullseye

Polydactyl Tabby Kitten For Private Adoption Jacksonville Florida – Adopt Bullseye

  Meet Bullseye, A Tiger Tabby – Polydactyl Kitten For Adoption in Jacksonville Florida She is a female Polydactyl Cat Kitten for adoption to a very loving home in or near Jacksonville, Florida. This very special kitten is less than a year old and still growing.  She’s looking for a new home because she was…