Rottweiler Adoption Philadelphia Pa (1)

Obedience Trained Purebred AKC Rottweiler For Adoption Near Reading in Mohnton PA – Supplies Included – Adopt Zeus

Meet Zeus, an amazing obedience trained, purebred, AKC registered Rottweiler looking for his forever home within a reasonable distance of Mohnton, near Reading, Pennsylvania. This 14 month old neutered male dog is such a loving, loyal, and incredibly handsome boy. He loves his humans to the Moon and back, and enjoys staying fit and having playtime all day every day. Zeus needs a home where there are no other male dogs or small children/babies, as these trigger some anxiety. In a home where these elements are missing, he will enjoy his life to the fullest, as will his lucky owners. If you have a country home with property for him to Zoom around on, or a large, securely fenced yard. Should have knowledge of the Rottweiler dog breed and their care and keeping. If you have the right situation for Zeus, please visit his adoption story page using link below. We look forward to hearing from you. #rottweiler #dogsofinstagram #rottweilers #rottie #rottweilersofinstagram #rottweilerpuppy #rottweilerlove #rottiesofinstagram #rottweilerworld #rottielove #dogoftheday #puppylove #rottweilerfans #dogstagram #rottweilerlife #pennsylvaniadogs #dogsofpa #dogsofpennsylvania #padogs #pennsylvania #rescuedogsofinstagram #dogpicoftheday #rescuedog #instadog #readingpa
Handsome Orange Tabby Cat For Adoption In Clarksburg MD – Supplies Included – Adopt Max

Handsome Orange Tabby Cat for Adoption in Clarksburg MD – Supplies Included – Adopt Max

Have you been looking for a Orange Tabby cat for adoption in Clarksburg, MD and area? Pet Rehoming Network is pleased to present Max, a very special pet in need of a loving, forever home. Max is healthy and has been fixed, is up to date on shots and micro-chipped. This Orange Tabby cat has a loving personality and is good with children, dogs and cats. Max will be rehomed with supplies and vet records. Adopt this deserving Orange Tabby cat in Clarksburg, MD today. #catsofIG #catsofinstagram #instacat #catstagram #tabbycatsofIG #tabbiesofIG #tabbycatlovers #orangetabbycat #orangetabbiesofIG #orangetabbygram #catforadoption #adoptablecat #adoptdontshop
BJ Senior Boxer For Foster Care In Alexandria VA 2

Sweet Senior Boxer Dog Seeks 2 Years Foster Care in Alexandria Virginia – Supplies Included – Adopt BJ

Very sweet senior Boxer dog needing foster care in Alexandria VA and area. BJ is LOVE on four legs! BJ is a really good dog. This 12 years young Boxer is about as nice a dog as you will find anywhere. He is good with people of all ages, including small children, others dogs, and cats. This handsome dog is very healthy, fully vaccinated, fixed, house broken, crate trained, leash trained and is very well behaved. BJ's owner is scheduled for a temporary move to Spain in early September, and although he would love to bring BJ along, the costs and potential risks to BJ's health and well-being that a long flight in cargo and then a long period of quarantine would carry are more than his owner is willing to risk. He is dearly hoping to find a dog lover or dog loving family who will take BJ into their hearts and home and care for him as if he were their own. BJ's new family will receive a monthly stipend, all supplies and accessories, vet care costs and anything else that is needed for BJ. They will also receive the owner's deep gratitude and friendship. Are you able to foster this very sweet and deserving dog for the next few years? Please contact us by visiting his adoption story and completing our meeting request form. BJ and his owner, Abel, look forward to meeting you. #AlexandriaVA #AlexandriaBoxerLovers #VAdoglovers #DCDoglovers #WashingtonDC #Boxerdogs #Boxerdoglovers #Adoptdontshop #boxerdog #boxer #boxersofinstagram #boxergram #boxerlove #dogsofinstagram #boxerdogs #boxerlife #boxers #boxerlover #boxerworld #boxeraddict #boxernation #dogs #boxeroftheday #boxerclub #boxersofig #boxerpup #ilovemyboxer #instaboxer #puppy #boxerpuppies #boxersarethebest #boxersoninstagram #boxerfamily #boxerdogfans #boxerdogcentral #boxerdogsofinstagram
Cruiser- Valley Bulldog Bull Boxer Adoption Washington DC California MD (2)

Handsome Valley Bulldog For Adoption in California MD – Supplies Included – Adopt Cruiser

Looking for a Valley Bulldog Dog to adopt in Maryland? Just 6 years old and weighing 70 lbs, Cruiser is an outstanding example of Canine beauty. This healthy, happy dog has been fixed, fully vaccinated, house broken and obedient. He's a real sweetheart and so friendly to people and other dogs. He likes to stay active and loves to run. He would be an awesome running companion for an athletic dog lover. Cruiser is also a playful goof that will provide you and your family with love, joy, laughter and companionship. He can brighten up your worst day, and he's always on your side with steadfast friendship and unconditional love. In a word, Cruiser is AMAZING! #ValleyBulldogs #Bullboxers #AdoptDontShop #ValleyBulldogsofIG #ValleyBulldogsofInstagram #ValleyBulldogsofFB #MarylandDogRehoming #DogsforAdoptioninMaryland #DogsofMaryland
Stunning Purebred Maine Coon Cat For Adoption In Annapolis MD – Supplies Included – Adopt Angel

Stunning Purebred Maine Coon Cat For Adoption in Annapolis MD – Supplies Included – Adopt Angel

Looking for a Maine Coon Cat for adoption in Annapolis MD and area? Just 13 years 7 months old and weighing 13 lbs, this lovely Maine Coon cat has been spayed, fully vaccinated, and litter trained. Angel is good adults and calm, older children. She is a lovely cat both inside and out, and this has made it very difficult for her owner to face parting with her. Angel has a very nice personality. She loves attention, brushing and being the center of her owner's world. As things have changed in her owner's life, life has become more difficult for Angel. Adding two small children to the family has made Angel anxious and very unhappy. She doesn't know where her territory ends and the children's begins, and has exhibited signs that she is depressed and filled with anxiety.