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Gorgeous Cavachon (Bichon Cavalier Mix) For Adoption in Kenmore NY – Supplies Included – Adopt Bentley

Looking for a Cavachon Dog to adopt in Kenmore, New York and area? Just 5 years years old and weighing 25 lbs, Bentley is a handsome little dog with a soft, fluffy, hypoallergenic, non shedding white coat.  A healthy dog, Bentley has been fixed,  fully vaccinated,  housebroken and leash trained. Bentley has some behavior issues that make him unsuitable for homes with small children or other dogs. He would be fine with dog-friendly cats. Learn more about Bentley on his adoption story page on Pet Net. He can't wait to meet you! #Cavachon #NiagaraFallsNY #NiagaraFallsON #DogsofNiagaraFalls #AdoptDontShop #CavachonAdoptions #HypoallergenicDogs #NonSheddingDogs #WhiteFluffyDogs #DogsofBuffalo #BuffaloDogRehoming #BuffaloDogAdoptions #CavachonsofIG #CavachonsofInstagram #Dogstagram #DogsofIG #DogsofInstagram
Border Collie Australian Sheoherd Aussie Mix Dog Adopt Nyc

ADOPTED | Australian Shepherd Border Collie Mix Dog in New York NY – Supplies Included – Adopt Axel

Looking for an amazing medium sized dog for adoption in New York City (Elmont) NY and area? Just 1 year old and weighing 35 lbs, this lovely Border Colllie Aussie Mix (Aussie) dog has been microchipped, fully vaccinated, and crate trained. Axel is good with Small Children, Older Children, Adults, Dogs, Cats, and friends she has not yet met. Axel's owners are very sad to have to rehome their beloved Dog. They are dearly hoping to find a wonderful new home for Axel with owners who will cherish and keep Axel safe, happy, and healthy.
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