Cats For Adoption in New York NY

Brooklyn ny – playful 2 yo female tuxedo cat for private adoption – supplies included – adopt rico

Brooklyn NY – Playful 2 yo Female Tuxedo Cat For Private Adoption – Supplies Included – Adopt Rico

Rico is one beautiful cat! Her amazing markings give her that unique vibe that only Tuxedo cats possess. She is quite an amazing little creature. Looking for a Black and White Tuxedo cat for adoption in Brooklyn, NY? Rico would love to be considered for the position of your cherished family companion. Meet Name | About Pet | Personality | Why…

Handsome gray tuxedo tabby cat for adoption in scarsdale ny – supplies included – adopt felix

Handsome Gray Tuxedo Tabby Cat For Adoption in Scarsdale NY – Supplies Included – Adopt Felix

With his adorable pink nose and fashionable grey tabby tuxedo, Felix is an absolutely outstanding cat! This very handsome and gregarious guy is about the sweetest and most playful cat in New York. He’s very healthy and very well mannered – the perfect companion for the cosmopolitan cat lover.

Felix is sad to have to leave his family in Scarsdale, but a dog has entered his life, and Felix is not happy about it. As they say, “Cats rule… dogs drool” – that is Felix’s mantra these days. He dearly hopes to leave his dog-infiltrated domain for a better life in the city as the cherished companion of a certified cat lady (or man). Yes, he’ll eat fancy feast from a crystal bowl, (although minced Filet Mignon would be even better!)

Felix loves to cuddle, too. On those cold winter nights, he’ll add all 15 pounds of fluffy warmth to your bed. He’ll join you on the couch to watch “The Bachelor” (After all, he is “The Cat-chelor” – he’ll present you with a rose – you just have to buy it, first!). Felix is all about togetherness and loves to bask in the glow of love from his favorite human. Although he is good with family life, and great with children of all ages, Felix has a secret desire to be the one and only companion of a true cat lover. Someone who will cherish him from whiskers to tail, play with him every day using one of those dangly feather thingies, and lovingly tend to his litter box.

In return, you will have one of the most cuddly and engaging purring machines, a great listener who will love you no matter your political leanings or dress size. Your soul-mate in the form of an adorable grey tabby perennially dressed in his stylish and elegant tuxedo. Just add a bowtie and he’s ready for formal entertaining. Adopt Felix today!

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