Cats For Adoption in Kentucky

cute cat holding a teddy bear

Looking for cats for adoption in Kentucky? Pet Adoptions Network showcases preloved cats and kittens looking for loving, forever homes throughout Kentucky, from Louisville to Lexington to Bowling Green and beyond.

Adopting a cat through Kentucky Pet Adoptions Network is very safe, since our owners are all carefully verified. You can be sure of dealing only with real cat owners with a sincere need to find a good home for their cherished cats and kittens.

Need to Rehome a Cat in Kentucky?

Our safe, careful, and proven cat rehoming process is second to none when it comes to the support, expertise and results we provide to our clients. If you need to find your cat the right new home, let our rehoming team take your stress and heartache, and replace it with hope and peace of mind.

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Kentucky Adoptable Cats and Kittens

Find cats for adoption in Kentucky. We showcase pre-loved cats and kittens for adoption in Kentucky by verified private owners.

Adopt mira munchkin cat for adoption in kentucky – supplies vet records included

Adopt Mira Munchkin Cat For Adoption in Kentucky – Supplies Vet Records Included

4Looking for a Munckin cat for adoption in Kentucky and the surrounding states? Look no further – Mira is here to steal your heart! If her adorable face isn’t quite enough to convince you, her heartbreaking backstory surely will. Hailing from the heart of Kentucky, Mira is the epitome of feline finesse and charm, seeking…

Declawed orange tabby cat for adoption in louisville ky – meet dexter

Declawed Orange Tabby Cat For Adoption in Louisville KY – Meet Dexter

 Have you been searching for a declawed orange tabby cat for adoption in Louisville, Kentucky? Look no further than Dexter! Dexter’s charming personality shines through in every interaction. He is friendly, affectionate, and loves nothing more than being a lap cat. Humans are his favorite companions, and he cherishes every moment spent with them. Prepare for endless cuddles and purrs of contentment.

Read on to learn all about Dexter and how you can offer him a loving forever home today!

Brown tabby cat & black cat for adoption in bowling green ky – supplies included – adopt nora and woody

Brown Tabby Cat & Black Cat For Adoption in Bowling Green KY – Supplies Included – Adopt Nora and Woody

Brown Tabby Cat and Black Cat for Adoption in Bowling Green, KY Looking for a Brown Tabby Cat and Black Cat to adopt in Bowling Green, KY? Just 3 years old, Nora and Woody have been fixed and fully vaccinated, and are good with babies, children, new people, dogs, and other cats. Nora and Woody’s…