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Gorgeous dilute tortoiseshell cat for adoption in knoxville tn – supplies included – adopt lucinda (lucy)

Gorgeous Dilute Tortoiseshell Cat for Adoption in Knoxville TN – Supplies Included – Adopt Lucinda (Lucy)

Have you been looking for a Dilute Tortoiseshell cat for adoption in KNOXVILLE, TN and area?

Pet Rehoming Network is pleased to present Lucy, a very special pet in need of a loving, forever home.

Lucy, short for Lucinda, is a gorgeous cat who has a very sweet but sensitive demeanor. She loves being close to her humans, and though she does like spending time outdoors, she never strays too far from the backyard. Lucy, short for Lucinda, is a cuddle bug supreme and can be heard happily purring away when she is being pet. Observative and watchful, Lucy gets along beautifully with new people, including small children, and will make a wonderful addition to any home.

Lucy is healthy and has been fixed, is up to date on shots and micro-chipped. This Dilute Tortoiseshell cat has a loving personality and is good with children and cats.

Lucy will be rehomed with supplies and vet records. Adopt this deserving Dilute Tortoiseshell cat in KNOXVILLE, TN today.

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1 YO Female Tortoiseshell Tortie Cat For Adoption Near Sacramento (Willows) CA – Supplies Included – Adopt Chloe

Looking for a beautiful green-eyed Tortie beauty to add charm and chuckles to your life? Located just outside Sacramento in Willows, CA Chloe the Tortie is a barely-past-kittenhood cutie pie looking for a loving home without very small children.

At 12 months of age and 8 to 10 pounds, this sweet, playful and gorgeous young female cat was found abandoned in a park by her foster family. How anyone could leave a defenceless little kitten on their own, where they could wander into traffic or be attacked by a dog or other animal defies understanding.

Thankfully for Chloe, she was scooped up and taken home to safety with her loving family. She has matured now and is ready to leave the nest and find her forever home. She would be happy in any situation where she is kept safe, happy, and healthy, is loved unconditionally, and given lots of playtime and companionship. She is still every bit as playful as a kitten, is exceptionally sweet and affectionate, and even cuddles up in bed with her foster Mom. She’s such a unique little cat, and certainly deserves the best home Northern California can offer, given what she went through at just 5 weeks old.

Chloe has been fixed, fully vaccinated, and litter box trained. She is good with older children, adults, new people, and cat-friendly dogs and cats. Small children might not appreciate her playfulness, so preferably older children who can give her plenty of playtime with a dangly toy, chasing some string, and other “pretend prey” types of activities will be best – and certainly preferable to a human hand as prey! 🙂

Chloe’s foster owners are hoping to find a home where this special little Chloe will be cherished and kept safe, happy, and healthy for life.

If you have room in your heart and home for her, visit her adoption story profile on Pet Net to complete our online meeting request form, by clicking the box below.

Torbie tuxedo maine coon mix kitten for adoption in modesto california – supplies included – adopt fluffy

Torbie Tuxedo Maine Coon Mix Kitten For Adoption in Modesto California – Supplies Included – Adopt Fluffy

Looking for a Maine Coon Mix Kitten to adopt in Modesto, CA? Just 18 weeks old and weighing about 5 pounds, Pumpkin is a stunning young kitten with a personality as beautiful as his vibrant red mackerel tabby markings. A healthy and well behaved little fellow, Pumpkin has been litter box trained, and is good with babies and small children, older children, new people, other cat-friendly cats, and dogs that are good with cats.

Pumpkin’s owners are hoping to find a forever home for Pumpkin where this special kitten will be cherished and kept safe, happy, and healthy for life. Pumpkin can be adopted on his own, but why not double the purrs and cuddles, and adopt one or two of his littermates as well?

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