Portland Pet Rehoming Services

Portland Pet Rehoming Services

Rehome a Dog or Cat in Portland, Oregon

Get in touch with our Portland pet rehoming team. Call us at (888) 720-3322, text us on (888) 833-2128 or fill out our online information request form here. Our empathetic and very experienced pet rehoming coordinators will be happy to speak with you about your situation.

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All About Pet Rehoming Network

Need to find your pet a home in Portland and area? Our Portland pet rehoming service offers expert help  for caring pet owners who want the very best for their dog or cat. We help you rehome a dog or cat safely and effectively.

No responsible pet owner wants to give up their dog or cat, but there are many understandable reasons why pet owners need to rehome pets in Portland and surrounding areas.

Find My Pet A Good Home
Placing your beloved family member in a shelter or rescue is NOT the answer. Most Portland area animal shelters are filled to capacity with pets needing homes, and some even put pets to sleep if they are considered “unadoptable”, or if the shelter needs to make room for more pets. It is not something that most pet owners would want for their cherished companions.

Finding a loving new home for your pet while they remain in your care is the very best solution. And that is exactly what our dedicated Portland pet rehoming team do for our clients.

Rehome a Dog in Portland

Dog Rehoming - Rehome a Dog or Puppy
Need dog rehoming help? If you need to find a home for your dog or puppy, our Portland dog rehoming team can help. We find great homes for dogs and puppies in Portland, and are your at your service. We will be happy to speak with you and answer any questions you may have about how we rehome dogs and puppies in Portland and area.

Being faced with rehoming a dog is a difficult situation. We know that this is not a decision you have reached without careful thought. We are here to help you do everything possible to find your companion a new home where they will be cherished, and kept safe, happy and healthy.

Portland Pet Rehoming Network helps caring owners rehome dogs and cats safely and effectively. If you need our help, please get in touch! You can call or text us at (971) 339-0004, or contact our pet rehoming coordinator.

Portland Cat Rehoming

Cat Rehoming - Rehome a Cat or Kitten
Rehoming a cat is not an easy thing to do. You love your cat, and having to give up your cherished feline friend was never something you planned for. When life makes cat rehoming necessary, our caring team of pet adoption experts are here for you. We can help find your cat a very good home, and you can rest assured that the process will be safe and effective.

We help cat owners in so many ways. We are here as a shoulder to lean on – to offer guidance and support to you at this very difficult time. We help you locate and choose the right new home for your cat or kitten – a home where their needs for companionship, love, care and play are met, and where they are loved unconditionally.

Portland Pet Rehoming Network helps caring owners rehome dogs and cats safely and effectively. If you need our help, please get in touch! You can call or text us at (971) 339-0004, or contact our pet rehoming coordinator.

Our Portland Pet Rehoming Service is also offered to pet owners in outlying areas including:

Milwaukie, OR
Cedar Hills, OR
Cedar Mill, OR
Beaverton, OR
Lake Oswego, OR
Oak Grove, OR
Tigard, OR
Vancouver, WA
Aloha, OR
Minnehaha, WA
Tualatin, OR
Gladstone, OR
West Linn, OR
Fairview, OR
Oregon City, OR
East Portland, OR
Albina, OR
Irvington, OR
Kings Heights, OR
Marquam Hill, OR
Portland Heights, OR
Willamette Heights, OR
South Portland, OR
Laurelhurst, OR
Hollywood, OR
Bridlemile, OR
Piedmont, OR
Green Hills, OR
Brooklyn, OR
Alameda, OR
Hillsdale, OR
Sylvan, OR

Contact Our Portland Pet Rehoming Team

Need help to find a good home for your dog or cat, puppy or kitten? Our compassionate pet rehoming specialists work tirelessly to find your pet a good home safely and effectively while they stay in your loving care.

Fill out the information below, and we will contact you to discuss your situation and offer our expert help.

  • For Dogs: If mixed breed, please tell us what breeds you think go into the mix.

  • Please describe your pet's personality. Please provide as much detail as possible.

  • Hint: Hold down the "Shift Key" and click on all that apply to your pet.

  • Hint: Hold down the "Shift Key" and click on all that apply to your pet.
  • Please tell us what brand of pet food your pet is used to eating so that we can make sure that the new owners continue to feed this diet. (if you select other, please provide details in box below)
  • If you answered "other" above, please provide brand of pet food you feed. Also, please provide any specific information about your pet's diet and on what schedule or basis you normally feed.

  • Please mention anything else you would like us to know before we get in touch with you.

  • Do you have a deadline for a date by which your pet must be rehomed? Please provide details.

  • Find My Pet A Home charges a one time fee of $150 per pet to offer our services. Much of what we are paid goes towards our costs in finding your pet a home, screening potential adoptive families before you place your pet with them, and providing a comprehensive Adoption Agreement to both parties. Please indicate that you understand and agree to our fee by checking below.

Portland Pet Rehoming Network is dedicated to helping caring pet owners in and around Portland, Oregon find good homes for dogs, cats, puppies and kittens. Whether you need to rehome a dog in Portland or rehome a cat in Portland, we are here to provide you with the very best in pet rehoming services. Contact our Portland pet rehoming team today.

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