Toy Fox Terrier Dog Breed Information Guide


From it’s origins in the United Kingdom, the Toy Fox Terrier now enjoys worldwide popularity.

Toy Fox Terrier History

American dog fanciers can be credited with the Toy Fox Terrier’s diminutive stature, as they bred the Fox Terrier down to Toy dimensions by crossing it with a number of toy breeds including the Chihuahua, Italian Greyhound and Minpin, helping to popularize the breed.

Toy Fox Terrier Appearance

Like its larger brother, the Fox Terrier, the Toy Fox wears a smooth, easy-care coat that is usually white with black and/or tan markings. However, it differs from the standard Fox Terrier in that its ears are usually carried erect instead of folding over.

Toy Fox Terrier Temperament

Also known as the Ameritoy, the shortened form of American Toy Fox Terrier, this tiny toy terrier is lively and alert, with plenty of personality packed into a mere 7 pounds of dog. It combines the best attributes of both terrier and toy; a dog that is tenacious and spirited, yet extremely devoted and affectionate.

Toy Fox Terrier Exercise Info

Happy, spunky and outgoing, the Toy Fox Terrier is a charming companion who requires minimal exercise to stay fit.

Toy Fox Terrier Grooming Info

Toy Fox Terrier Training Info

Extremely intelligent, this breed is very easy to housetrain.

Toy Fox Terrier Health Info

Toy Fox Terrier Right Breed Info

A great choice for city and apartment dwellers! Because of it’s tiny size and delicate structure, the Toy Fox Terrier is not a good choice for families with small children or larger dogs who might inadvertently injure it. Toy Fox Terriers do not handle extreme temperatures – either hot or cold. In winter, a dog coat is advisable to protect this breed from cold temperatures when outdoors.

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