Terms of Service

By requesting pet rehoming services, you, the pet owner, agree to the following terms of service:

Find My Pet A Home offers the services of a team of pet advertising and adoptions professionals for the one-time fee of $150 USD per pet.

This fee is an administration fee and is non-refundable after 1 business day from the date your order was placed. The fee is used towards the costs of advertising and promoting your pet throughout a wide array of online and traditional pet adoption mediums.

Fees are due and payable before pet rehoming services start, and the pet owner understands that costs are incurred by our rehoming team in promoting each pet. A large portion of the service fee is spent on advertising for the pet, and a full refund cannot be issued once pet rehoming services have commenced.

Refunds: In the event that a new home has not been found for a pet within eight (8) weeks of the day the rehoming order was placed, Find My Pet A Home agrees to provide a partial refund in the amount of $75 USD, should the pet owner request this.

Guarantees: Find My Pet A Home’s rehoming team will work conscientiously to find a suitable home for each pet in a timely a manner. Our rehoming team cannot guarantee and does not guarantee a time-frame by which a home will be secured for your pet. We will continue to search for a suitable home for each pet until such time as a new home has been arranged – or the owner notifies us that services are no longer required.

The pet owner agrees to remain in contact with our rehoming team and to respond to inquiries and adoption offers in a prompt manner, realizing the urgent need for quick response when rehoming a pet.

The pet owner agrees to notify Find My Pet A Home immediately, should they anticipate an absence, such as a vacation or business trip. In this event, the pet owner will provide alternate contact information or assign a person to act as their proxy during their absence.

In the event that a pet adoption facilitated by Find My Pet A Home does not work out for any reason, we agree to provide further rehoming services to the pet owner for the reduced service fee of $75.

Privacy Policy

All information provided to Find My Pet A Home by owners and potential adopters of the pets we are rehoming is kept strictly confidential. We do not provide information to any third party for any reason.

Our rehoming team will use our own email and telephone numbers in any advertising placed on behalf of pet owners, unless otherwise instructed.

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