ADOPTED – WREN Amazing 7 YO F Blue Heeler – Australian Shepherd Mix Dog – Woodstock GA


Wren has been adopted!

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Here is how our pet rehoming team presented Wren:

Meet Wren!

Wren is a delightful 7 year old Blue Heeler / Shepherd mix dog. She is spayed, up to date on shots, very healthy and perfectly housetrained. Wren weighs 35 pounds, and has a short, multicolor coat in shades of merle, black and tan. Wren loves children and gets along well with cats. She is wary of other dogs, but will warm up once properly introduced. Above all, Wren is a happy, well adjusted little girl who absolutely LOVES human companionship.

Wren is lonely. Her owner is having a difficult time giving her the time, attention, care and exercise she needs and deserves, as her husband has Cancer, and so much of her time is devoted to his medical care. The couple has had to move to be closer to medical facilities, and Wren no longer has her fenced yard to enjoy.

The owners’ husband adopted Wren as a stray, and has lovingly cared for her over the years. She is very sweet, devoted and intelligent dog. She had some fear-aggression towards other dogs, but with socialization at a local doggie daycare, Wren is making great strides in overcoming her fears. She will always need to be properly introduced to dogs she is not familiar with.

Wren’s owners are hoping to find a wonderful new home for her, where she will be cherished. She is such a loving dog, and will give much more than she receives. She would love to have people who have lots of time to spend with her, and who will keep her safe, happy and healthy. Wren will need a home with a fenced yard.

Please open your heart and home to Wren. She can’t wait to meet you.

All About Wren

Location: Woodstock, Georgia 30188
Breed(s) of Pet: Blue healer, sheep dog
Age: 7 years
Weight: 35 lbs
Coat/Color: Short coat, tan,black, merle
Health Problems? No
Behavior Problems? Slow to get used to other dogs

Wren is: 

Fully vaccinated
House Broken
Leash Trained

Wren was a stray when husband adopted her and has some fear aggression, but has been going to doggy day care and is doing great. Pet Hotel of Woodstock, Ga

Reason For Rehoming:

My husband has colon cancer and is on chemo. We had to move closer to doctors and no longer have a yard. Wren is so unhappy and I am so overwhelmed

Pet’s Personality: 

Wren LOVES her humans! Very happy dog, does not bark much. Has a couple of cats she gets along great with.

Current Diet:

She eats Purina Small bites twice a day.

Additional Comments

Wren simply needs more attention and room to play.