All About Online Pet Scams

Nowadays, puppy scams are everywhere on the Internet, and very commonly found on pet adoption classifieds, Facebook, and other such services. Too many trusting would-be adopters (and so many of them seniors) have fallen victim to cruel scammers who pretend to have puppies available for sale, but are actually scammers who get better and better at online trickery.

At Pet Rehoming Network, we do things very differently. Providing services throughout North America since November, 2015, we were the very first hands-on pet rehoming service of our kind, and we are the only service providing such intensive care in protecting your identity, security, safety and your pet’s welfare. (We also offer grief support to our owners when needed, since having to part with a cherished family member can be very traumatic.)

There is absolutely no risk in using our services, thanks to the extreme care we take to verify all pet owners needing to rehome a pet, as well as potential adopters.

All the pets listed on our service have been posted by our staff after not only verifying the owner’s identity, but after speaking with them at length about their pet, their reasons for rehoming, and their pet’s characteristics.

Through this approach, we can provide our adopters with a very accurate profile of each pet, clearly identifying the type of home in which the pet will thrive, and providing in-depth information about the pet’s wonderful qualities, and any issues that you will want to know about. Introductions are made between private owner and adopter through our rehoming team, who facilitate each and every adoption for the benefit of owner, adopter, and most importantly, each adoptable pet.

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