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An adorable little orange tabby kitten shows what successful sleep training of your kitten looks like as he takes a few z's

Slumber Tales: Sleep Training Your Kitten

As the day wanes, the shadows stretch, and the bustle of kitten play subsides, it’s time to curl up on a soft, cozy cushion and tiptoe into the realm of feline slumber. Yes, it’s all about guiding your kitten to the Land of Nod and ensuring they enjoy peaceful, uninterrupted sleep. So, fluff up your pillows, and let’s embark on this dreamy journey.

Kittens are renowned for their bursts of energy and irrepressible spirit. Yet, these tiny furballs sleep for a surprising 16-20 hours a day. It’s hard work being that adorable! This sleep is crucial for their growth and development, so ensuring they have a comfortable, safe space to rest is paramount. However, those sleepy hours often don’t align with our human schedules. Like tiny, purring vampires, kittens are more active during the night.

Here’s where sleep training comes in, to help nudge your nocturnal furball’s sleep schedule closer to yours. By creating a consistent routine, you can encourage your kitten to snooze soundly through the night.

Kick off the training by setting a regular feeding, play, and sleep schedule that aligns with your routine. A vigorous play session right before bedtime can help expend their energy, making them more inclined to sleep afterwards. Just as you’d unwind with a good book before bed, your kitten would appreciate a calm and quiet environment to prepare for sleep.

Remember, your kitten is still a baby and requires a safe and cozy sleep environment. A soft bed, warm blankets, and quiet corners make for a perfect kitten sleep haven. But kittens also love comfort and reassurance. That’s where calming products can work wonders. Items like comfort diffusers emit feline pheromones that can help soothe anxious kittens, easing them into a restful sleep.

Explore our carefully curated selection of kitten bedding and calming products at Pet Rehoming Network’s Online Pet Store to help your kitten achieve their sleep goals. From luxurious beds that are a catnap’s dream come true to calming products that gently lull your kitten to sleep, we’ve got your kitten’s sleep needs covered.

As we close this bedtime story, let’s look forward to our next topic: Essential supplies for your kitten. Until then, remember: every purchase you make helps a pet in need – that’s a kind of sweet dreams money can’t buy!

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