Benny - Cardigan Welsh Corgi Mix Adoption Los Angeles 3

ADOPTED – 9 YO Cardigan Welsh Corgi Mix Southern California


 Benny has been adopted.

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Hi, My name is Benny!

Meet Benny the Love Bug! This very handsome 9 year old male Cardigan Welsh Corgi mix has a heart of pure gold. He has a short, tri-color coat, and weighs 22 pounds. Benny is fixed, up to date on shots and very healthy. He is house broken, but not crate trained. He is good with kids older than 10, and fine with most other dogs. He has not been around cats, so may be fine with dog-friendly cats, too.

Benny is the most devoted, sweet, well behaved and empathetic little fellow. He loves to snuggle up and watch movies with you, and absolutely adores having that special spot on his rump scratched.

Benny is pretty darned low-maintenance. He is content with a short daily walk or two, and just loves to be with you, doing whatever you are doing. He has enjoyed a long career of going to work with his owner, where he was the perfect gentleman, and a very valued member of the office.

Benny - Cardigan Welsh Corgi Mix Adoption Los Angeles 3

Unfortunately, his owner has had to change jobs, and is no longer able to bring Benny along to work with her. Benny does not like being left home alone at all. (He has separation anxiety), so this leaves his heartbroken owner with no other choice than to try to find Benny the best home ever – with people who can take him to work – or who stay at home most or all of the time.

Benny’s owner would dearly love to stay in touch with him, but only if that is something the new owners are comfortable with.

Benny would be a great choice for a retired dog lover. He is so devoted and a great companion. He would love to live in a home with a securely fenced back yard, but that is not essential.

All About Benny

Name of Pet: Benny
Location: West Hollywood, California, 90069
Type of Pet: Dog
Breed of Pet: Cardigan Welsh Corgi mix
Sex of Pet: Male[/one_half]

Age of Pet: 9
Spayed/Neutered?: Yes
Health Problems: No
Up To Date on Vaccinations: Yes
Gets along with cats: Unknown
Gets along with dogs: Most 
Good with Children?: Fine with children older than 12
House Broken or Litter Trained?: Yes
Crate Trained?: No
Accessories Included: Happy to supply all of his current supplies and accessories. He has a collar, harness, leash, feeding bowl, crate, bed, food and toys.

Benny’s Personality

1. He looks like an otter.
2. The tip of his tongue sometimes sticks out, even when he’s sleeping.
3. Sometimes his upper lip will get caught on his tooth and give him a seriously cute and confused look on his face.
4. He is the best little spoon for watching movies with.
5. When you scratch his butt, he really wriggles into it.

Benny’s Current Home Environment

I live in a studio apartment. Benny is gated in my kitchen while I’m at work and doesn’t love it. But, he’s also stayed with friends who gated him in their kitchen with two other dogs and he was fine then.

Benny’s Current Family:

I am single and live alone (besides with Benny).

Benny’s Favorite Toys, Foods, Activities?

Benny loves a good smelly chew bone, or for that matter, any kind of treat. His favorite toys are squeaky plush toys which he loves to fetch. He is always so excited to go for a walk and will hop around as soon as you pick up his leash, ready to go. As I may have mentioned, he loves to get scratches on his back near his tail and around his face.

Cute Benny Story:

When Benny came to my workplace daily, he started out for the first few months by sleeping under my desk most of the day but as he met my coworkers and got to know them, he started to make rounds at all of their desks. A few times I thought he was sleeping under my desk only to realize he was missing, only to find him asleep on the lap of a coworker two cubicles over. He was incredibly happy as an office dog and would sprint in Monday mornings excited to start the week with all of his aunties.

Why is Benny Being Rehomed?

When I got Benny, his separation anxiety was bad and I considered rehoming him then but instead I got approval to bring him to work with me and it helped so much. Because we spent all week together, he was much calmer if I left in the evening for a yoga class or on to go out on weekends. Recently I changed jobs and can no longer bring Benny to work. I thought he would adjust to the new routine but his separation anxiety flared back up again in a much worse way. I’m concerned about his level of stress and even had the vet prescribe dog xanax, but he’s still pacing and chewing and drooling big puddles because he’s so anxious about home alone — even though I walk him on my lunch breaks. I firmly believe there is a better environment for him that will allow him to thrive and be confident once more.

Benny’s Perfect Adoptive Home Will Be:

I’m hoping to find Benny a new home where he can be with owners who work from home, or who work in a dog-friendly office, or who have other dogs to keep him company. He is such a wonderful dog and deserves to be comfortable and happy. The more people in the home, the better. Ideally, they would be experienced dog owners who are willing to have a little patience as he adjusts and to work on his behavior with him.

Additional Comments:

My primary concern is ensuring Benny goes to a great home. If the new family is willing to share updates now and then, I’d be so thrilled to see them — but if they prefer privacy, I understand that too.