Listing Only Pet Rehoming Package

$35.00per Pet

Are you only in need of  having your pet listed on Pet Rehoming Network’s website, and social media pages, and want to pass on the extensive assistance we offer in writing your pet’s story, answering messages, texts, calls, and emails, weekly reposting to social media, screening applications, guiding you through the transition process,  months of follow-up, and rehoming guarantee?

You can have your pet listed on Pet Rehoming Network for a non-refundable, one time fee of just $35.00.

Here’s How it Works:

  • You will Post Your Pet’s Adoption Story and 2 Photos on our website via our simple-to-use form, and pay your $35.00 per pet rehoming services fee via Paypal or E-transfer.
  • Our team will then post your pet, create a compelling post for your pet on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google My Business pages.
  • Potential adopters will be able to contact you directly by email, text or phone.
  • Your page will stay up on our website for as long as necessary. You will just let us know once your pet has found a home.