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Pet Adoptions Network

Human hand holds dog paw

Welcome to Pet Adoptions Network.  We are a multi-faceted service dedicated to making the process of adopting a pet safer, easier, and better for any responsible person,  couple or family. If you are considering the addition of a dog or puppy, cat or kitten to your life, our website will help you in so many ways.

Choosing a Pet

What breed and type of companion is the right choice for you? (Or should you even be considering adopting a pet?)

There’s a good bit of responsibility involved in becoming a “pet Mom or Dad”, so careful thought is needed before you jump right in.  We will help prepare you to make an educated decision and (hopefully) avoid feeling “adopters remorse”.

Choosing the Right Breed, Size and Type of Dog or Cat

We will help you discover which type and breed of pet is the right choice for your lifestyle through our Choosing a Pet section.  You will learn all about catsGolden Retriever For Adoptionss and dogs and the responsibilities that go along with ownership of each species.  With so many breeds of dog and cat to choose from, the choice of your new pet can be a daunting one.

Cat or Dog?

Big or Small?

Low Key or Lots of Energy?

Special Requirements?

Where Should You Look For Your New Pet?

There are far too many options when it comes to locating the dog, cat, puppy or kitten of your dreams. Sadly, some of these options are actually a total nightmare.

Never has there been a time when so much danger has been out there, waiting to strike honest, innocent pet lovers. Between all the puppy scams,  scam pet rescues, dog fighting rings, animal abusers, puppy mills, farms and brokers and even fake pet transportation services that are thriving online, it’s easy for a slick looking website using stolen photos to appear as a legitimate entity.

So many good people have lost hundreds, and even thousands of dollars by trusting that people are who they say they are,  and will do what they have promised.