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  • ie Separation Anxiety, Aggression, Escape Artist, Anxiety with Loud Noises like Fireworks/Thunder
  • For example, did you purchase the dog as a puppy from a breeder, adopt from a shelter or rescue, etc.? If you know any important details about the dog's origins and history, it can be very helpful in deciding on the best environment for your dogs new home.
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  • Ads on other services may or may not affect the extensive advertising we will be doing. Please let us know so that we can inform you of any conflicts, problems or other information you should know. Some rehoming websites are ineffective and "hijack" the adoption process, making it difficult for our follow-up team to provide important follow up services and rehoming guarantee. Be sure to provide details if you are using another service.
  • In cases where there is a very firm deadline in the near future, it is best to have a "Plan B" in place. We feel that foster care is often the best option, unless you are able to find friends or family with whom you can entrust your dog, should a home not be found by your deadline. Please Note: There is a $75 additional fee to find a foster home for your dog.
  • The wider we can spread our net, the more chances of finding your dog's forever home sooner. We also often hear from people further away. Would you like to consider advertising in locations within a 2 hour drive of your location? Please provide details.


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    Please provide the name and contact information for your pets' veterinarian. This information will be needed by the new owners, so that they can have the records transfered to their veterinarian.


    The safety and effectiveness of our private pet rehoming services rely on our ability to pay for targeted advertising for your pet, and careful screening of potential owners. We charge a reasonable one-time intake fee to rehome each pet, which gives us a fund from which to pay for these expenses.

    Please note: If you would like to speak with one of our pet rehoming coordinators before paying this fee, please select "I will submit fees after consultation", from the drop down menu below.

    If you are only in need of assistance locating a home for your pet, but would prefer to skip our extensive screening/placement guidance services and rehoming guarantee, please choose the "BASIC" service option.

    Questions? Feel free to call (888) 720-3322 or email [email protected]

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  • If you chose the "FINANCIAL DIFFICULTY" rate, we require that you pay a $25 non-refundable deposit. We will collect the remaining fee from the successful adopter, once the right home is found and your pet is adopted. Please indicate your agreement to this by checking the box below:
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