REHOMED – Maltipoo  in Seattle, WA

REHOMED – Maltipoo in Seattle, WA


Rex has found his forever home with a new owners. They are a middle aged couple with no children, and all the time in the world to cherish Rex and keep him safe, happy and healthy.

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Here is how our Seattle dog rehoming team presented Rex to attract his new owners:

Hi, My name is Rex!maltipoo-for-adoption-8

Seattle, Washington – Rex is about the cutest little white lap dog you will ever meet. This 7 year old Maltipoo (Maltese/Toy Poodle Mix) is such a  cuddle muffin! He is an 11 pound bundle of love, who gives much more than he gets.  Rex is so smart and compassionate – the ultimate therapy dog! He almost seems human in his ability to communicate, listen and show empathy.  (He could show people a thing or two about being a great friend!)

Rex has been neutered, and is up to date on his shots. Rex is pretty healthy, but has a condition where he gets occasional pain in his spine.  This is not life-threatening, but has caused him to become very anxious around children, particularly when they are near his tail.

He has nipped the small children in his family as a result. Rex occasionally needs pain medication. Rex is also feeling overwhelmed by all the activity in the home. This has resulted n a lot of barking behavior. He needs a much quieter home so that he does not feel the need to be on alert at all times.

Rex is not perfect. He has some behavior issues that make him unsuitable for homes with other pets, or young children. He needs owners who have experience reinforcing good dog behavior. Rex is having issues with his potty training. He will need patience and consistency to relearn proper habits. He needs owners willing to love him unconditionally, and give him the training and reinforcement he needs.

Rex’s owners love him so much. They have had him since he was a puppy. Unfortunately having 3 small children and a very busy household is not an ideal situation for Rex. He is always on edge, and his family are also on edge as a result. They want the very best for him, and realize that finding him a more suitable home will be better for everyone.

Rex’s ideal home will be with a single or couple who stay at home. A retired person with a warm lap for Rex to snuggle up on would be perfect for him. He likes to go outdoors, so a securely fenced yard would be nice.  He really needs a quiet, loving home where there are not too many surprises in order to feel happy, safe and confident.

Rex has some challenges with potty training. An attentive owner with patience and persistence should be able to help him re-learn proper house training.  He’s such a loving companion that it’s well worth the effort. He gives much more than he gets.

If  you are a compassionate, patient retired dog lover in need of a charming, sweet, and amazingly cute companion, please offer Rex the home he needs and deserves today.

All About Rex

Name of Pet: Rex
Location: Seattle, WA, 98146
Type of Pet: Dog
Breed of Pet: Maltese Poodle (Maltipoo)
Sex of Pet: Male[/one_half]

Age of Pet: 7
Spayed/Neutered?: Yes
Health Problems: Yes
Up To Date on Vaccinations: Yes
Gets along with cats: Unknown
Gets along with dogs: No
Good with Children?: No
House Broken or Litter Trained?: Yes
Crate Trained?: Yes
Accessories Included: health records, toys, doggy bed, bowls, brush, kennel, blankets.

Rex’s Personality

1 snuggler
2 loves scratches
3 sleeps well with us
4 bark is helpful in knowing anytime someone is around- different barks for different things- dogs vs people vs family
5 feels like he can sense when one of us is sad; always happy to see us

Rex’s Current Home Environment

When we first got Rex, our home was two adults and life with Rex was pretty easy. Our house is full of three little children now and we have a rambunctious household. The kids love Rex but he tends to see that love as a threat and they are scared of him. We are all on pins and needles related to him. Other than that and normal life stressors, we are a bundle of love family.

Rex’s Current Family:

Bryan and I have been married for 8 years
We have three little ones- Ella-4 Luke-3 and Annie-1
We love spending time together outside and snuggled up on the couch for movies
We spend a lot of time with close family and friends
We love the outdoors and messy art projects

Rex’s Favorite Toys, Foods, Activities?

toys: any baby toys 😉
foods: sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, meat (we have only fed him one brand of food for his whole life….(Natural Balance L.I.D. Potato & Duck Small Breed Dog Food)
activities: fetch, tricks, walks, chase

Cute Rex Story:

Rex seems to gravitate to each of us when I am feeling low. He’s like a personal glow light/snuggler.

He is protective of the youngest child in the fam and every kid when they were the youngest

His tongue sticks out the gap in his front teeth (from them being pulled) and his tongue seems to fall asleep? So when he wakes up from a rest his tongue sticks out for a while. it is SO cute and funny.

We love when he chases us around the house after a bath.

He fell asleep standing up when on pain pills last year, we had some good giggles but were mostly just grateful he was relieved of his pain and was getting some rest.

we love watching the kids help him do tricks

Why is Rex Being Rehomed?

– Our vet observed him and “diagnosed” him with a fear-based reaction issue. He doesn’t freak out, out of nowhere- it’s when they kids are by his tail, accidentally touch his tail, are near his food, or if other dogs are over

– Rex has been protective of each baby but unfortunately is protective of the youngest against our other little ones. If I am holding our baby on the floor and another kid runs up to us, he will lurch at them. He doesn’t bite usually but nips and growls and it is SO stressful. He also does this in protection of my husband Bryan and is really possessive of him- just against my 3 and 4 year old it seems.

– All three of our kids have been nipped, bitten (not bleeding), or scratched by Rex- to our youngest over the weekend because she got to his tail and another time because she wanted to pet him but came up behind him which scared him.

He is not playful with other dogs and is often just kind of a jerk. We only know two other dogs (of our friends) that actually fight with Rex. Rex growls, but doesn’t usually start fights. And it’s always around possession of a person (Bryan or our baby) or any food.

I cannot handle his barking any longer. With kids being loud and also kids napping. We live on a busy street and Rex barks at most anything that goes by but esp dogs, birds, and squirrels.

Annoyances but if it weren’t for the reasons above, the following we would just continue to deal with:

– He pees in our house. It isn’t too bad but we do clean up 1-3 piddles a day which is annoying. If this were our only problem we wouldn’t even care.

– If he doesn’t get walked and poop, he will poop in a car if he is in one

– He is mega nervous in cars and pants incessantly. We thought a road trip to Cali would take care of that but no, he still does it to this day. The previous family did warn us that he was nervous in cars.

– He scratches at me for pets to get attention which I just which I could give him but often can’t while taking care of three littles at one time.

– He throws up is he doesn’t get to drink water for a while and then drinks water. He rarely throws up for me but does when we have family watch him- he does best with access to water all the time and even at night

Rex’s Perfect Adoptive Home Will Be:

If we didn’t have kids we would totally keep Rex. He would do best with a couple or an individual who wants a snuggly dog who will follow them around everywhere (I always loved this about him). Or even an older kid who understands his needs and boundaries.

We desire a family or person who is gentle and will, with great intention, slowly help him to acclimate to a new home. Will give him lots of love. Please don’t yank on him quickly with leash- it hurts his back. A family or person who can give him the love he deserves that we cannot give right now and the environment that will make him feel safe and free.

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