Pets For Private Adoption in Alberta - REHOMED – Ace – Energetic Male German Shepherd, 2, – Calgary, AB

REHOMED – Ace – Energetic Male German Shepherd, 2, – Calgary, AB


Ace has found his forever home with Ray and his wife. This beautiful boy has gone to live on an acreage northeast of Airdrie. When Ray saw Ace, it was love at first sight. He is the spitting image of a beloved German Shepherd that was part of Ray’s life for many years. Ray is very experienced with German Shepherds, so it is the perfect fit.

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Here is how our Rehoming Team presented Ace to attract his new family:

Hi, My name is Ace!

German Shepherd For Adoption in Calgary


I am a handsome and very healthy purebred male German Shepherd. I have a beautiful black and brown long coat. I am just 2 years old and have been neutered. I am housebroken, too. I am a big boy at 85 pounds, and more fun than a barrel full of monkeys!

My owners love me so much, but they have come to realize that they have bitten off more than they can chew with me. I have SO much energy! I need owners who understand the German Shepherd breed and can give me the FIRM leadership and stimulation that I need and deserve to reach my full potential.

I am very smart and also very loving. I just get carried away – a lot! Part of it is my youthful exuberance, and the rest is the fact that I am an alpha male, and need an owner who can take the lead so that I don’t feel the need to.

I have never been aggressive – all of my energy is good-natured. For example, sometimes I think that I am a lap dog!  I am going to need some training to help me reign it in, and owners with lots of time to spend with me. Lets get out and enjoy the great outdoors – I love to walk and run.

If you are an experienced dog owner, (or someone willing to take me to obedience classes) and would like to offer me the loving, active and attentive home that I need and very much deserve, please offer me a home today.

I can’t wait to show you what 85 pounds of excitement on 4 legs looks like!

Love and licks,


Location: Calgary, Alberta, T3P 1G8
Type of Pet: Dog
Breed: German Shepherd
Age: 2.5
Color/Coat Type: Black and Brown, Long hair
Size: 85 lbs
Health Issues: No
Behavior Issues: Very energetic and unbridled enthusiasm for life. Needs training!

Ace is:
Neutered, House Broken

Ace gets along with:
Dogs, Strangers


He is a very energetic dog which comes by nature but his energy is innocent, he just wants to play and go for walks. He is a people dog and is most content when he has your attention. I find he enjoys a persons company so much that when we have taken him camping or walking he can be off leash and he doesn’t typically run off. Although this is to be approached with caution as I’m sure if he seen another animal/dog he would run towards them. In the past we have introduced him to other dogs both male and female and he has gotten along with them. I’m unsure what his behaviour would be like around cats or birds, but I’m sure with time he would get used to them being around.
He is not a bad dog but due to lack of proper training and time spent with him he does lack manners, such as pulls on the leash, he gets very excited when you get him going and can on occasion try to jump in your lap. His actions are harmless but none the less proper manners can and should be taught to him.

When we are at work and at night he will stay in his kennel. Up until very recently he has been very good about going in his kennel and staying in there. There was one exception which was just the other night he insisted on getting out of his kennel and seemed to settle when we put him to sleep with our other dog. I am not sure if something had got into him that particular night but prior to that he was fine in a kennel. Over the past couple days due to the Kennel door getting damaged he has slept with our other dog and hasn’t had any issues.

Reason For Rehoming

The choice to get a second dog was not mutual. Since we have had him the situation as home has become stressful. Due to our living circumstances and the type of dog he is there is simply not enough room to give him what he needs.
Also having a small child we are busy with extra curricular activities, further reducing the amount of time we are spending with him.
He needs a family who has the time to spend with him, takes him for more walks and more space or even a more dog friendly backyard would be ideal.