Hi, My name is Aki!

Female Ginger Cat For Adoption in Louisiana

Aki has the most beautiful gold colored eyes that perfectly match her apricot coat. A real beauty.

I am a beautiful orange tabby cat for adoption in Metairie, LA, near New Orleans and close to Baton Rouge.

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There is a $25 adoption/rehoming fee. All supplies will be included.

From my adorable, plump little body to my gorgeous ginger coat and matching eyes, I am one of those cats that leaves tiny paw prints on your heart. I came from very humble beginnings. My owner found me covered in gunk underneath a house in the Irish Channel when I was just 5 weeks old. I was skinny and terribly afraid.

I have since blossomed into a well-fed and affectionate lap cat with so much personality and love to offer. I am just 6 years old, spayed, up to date on shots and very healthy. I am clean and use my litter box perfectly.

I love cheese! Give me some cheese and I am yours forever. I also love to watch the world go by from a sunny window ledge. I can be quite playful and love my toys.

I used to be the center of attention in my home, and had my owner all to myself. Since then, she has met the man of her dreams, and he has moved in with us. As luck would have it, he is terribly allergic to me, and I am no longer able to sleep with my owner or spend much time with her.

This has made me and her very sad. As much as it is heartbreaking for her, she is hoping to find me the ultimate cat lover as my new friend and companion.

Let’s face it, when I first meet you I am very skittish. It’s the way I am as a result of my early kittenhood. Once I get to know you and feel comfortable in my environment, you will not find a more affectionate, funny, adorable or friendly little cat. I am a one-woman (or one-man) feline. I love cuddling on your lap watching TV, playing with toys and snuggling in bed with my human.

I need a quiet home with just one or two people who love cats and will give me the time I need to become accustomed to them.

Please offer me a loving home today. I will be rehomed with all of my supplies, and the sincere friendship and appreciation of my owner, who would dearly love to stay in touch with me.

Click here to request to meet me in my home. I can’t wait to purr my way into your heart.

There is a $25 rehoming fee. Supplies will be included.

Request to Meet Aki Here!

All About Aki

I am a Orange – Soft Coat Female American Short Hair Cat. I am 5 and weigh 11 lbs. I live in Metairie, LA.

Her sweet face.
She will grab a toy mouse in her mouth, drop it at your feet and play catch if she is in a comfortable environment.
She loves to rub against shoes after you have worn them outside. She will rub her cheeks all over them.
She loves cheese and will do anything for it.
She loves a good lap in front of the television.

All About Aki

Name of Pet: Aki Location: Metairie, LA, 70005 Type of Pet: Cat Breed of Pet: American Short Hair Sex of Pet: Female

Age of Pet: 5 Spayed/Neutered?: Yes Health Problems: No Up To Date on Vaccinations: Yes Gets along with cats: No Gets along with dogs: No Good with Children?: Unknown House Broken or Litter Trained?: Yes Crate Trained?: Accessories Included: Any toys that she has had, two brushes including a furminator, container for pet food, litter scooper and litter box if you are interested.

Aki’s Personality

Her sweet face.
She will grab a toy mouse in her mouth, drop it at your feet and play catch if she is in a comfortable environment.
She loves to rub against shoes after you have worn them outside. She will rub her cheeks all over them.
She loves cheese and will do anything for it.
She loves a good lap in front of the television.

Aki’s Current Home Environment

Originally, Aki’s home environment was a quite, single home where she could roam free in the house. As her owner’s life has changed that has added an additional person and at one point another pet. This made Aki kind of recluse. Currently, her owners are gone for most of the day and come home at night where she is fed and has opportunity to socialize if she chooses to. She likes to be brushed when you get home – a great way to bond with her.

Aki’s Current Family:

My family is myself and my fiance. We have lived together for a few months.

Aki’s Favorite Toys, Foods, Activities?

She loves shoe strings and any strings that come out of sweatshirts. She also likes cloth mice. If you give her anything with feathers, she will rip them off but loves it. She really enjoys sitting in the window and watching the world go by. She also loves to be brushed.

Cute Aki Story:

Aki was found underneath a house in the Irish Channel when she was 5 weeks old. She weighed less than a pound and was covered in gunk. After we cleaned her off and took her to the vet, she was a little fur ball. She went from a tiny little kitten to now a well fed cat. One thing that Aki loves is cheese and watching you chop carrots. She will chase after a carrot nub or a cork from a wine bottle around the house. She takes time to warm up but after she gets to know you is vocal and playful.

Why is Aki Being Rehomed?

My fiance is very allergic to cats and Aki is a scardey cat. She spends a lot of her time underneath the bed. She can’t sleep on our bed because of his allergies and this has caused her to grow increasingly cantankerous. She will meow through the night and runs away when you try to pet her. Her quality of life has decreased and she needs an environment where she can rule the roost on her own times. Finally, we are moving to our dream home that does not allow pets.

Aki’s Perfect Adoptive Home Will Be:

Aki will benefit from a quiet home where she is the only pet. She will enjoy a place where she can sleep on the bed and look through the window. She has always been in indoor cat but enjoys sitting on porches and watching the world go by. She will enjoy a family that is quiet and there are no other pets in the home. I am not sure how she would do around children, she tends to run away from most kids.

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