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woman pets a jack russell terrier, one of the typical pets for adoption in ontario toronto showcased on our website

Find Dogs, Cats & Other Pets For Adoption in Ontario Canada

Looking for pets for adoption in Ontario, Canada? From Toronto to Timmins and every town and city in between, Ontario Pet Rehoming Network showcases pre-loved pets in need of loving new homes throughout the province.

Whether you’re hoping to find a cuddly purring machine of a cat, or a devoted, fetch-a-holic dog, our owner’s pets run the gamut of all different breeds, types and personalities for dogs, cats, and sometimes even bunnies and other small animals.

What sets Ontario Pet Rehoming Network Apart From Other Pet Adoption Websites in Ontario?.

A number of important distinctions. Let’s cover a few of them below:

1. We are 100% SCAM-FREE. You won’t find less-than-honest people (or bots) looking for victims on Ontario Pet Rehoming services‘ website. The only people who post adoption profiles on our site are members of our pet rehoming team.  We are not a cheap pet classifieds website where anyone can post anything at any time.

2. Our Pet Owners are Pre Screened.  Our clients are pet owners who have found themselves in unfortunate circumstances that make it necessary to find a new home for a cherished pet. There’s no puppy mills, backyard breeders, resellers, or other such folk trying to make money off of the mistreatment of dogs, cats and other animals. Just pet lovers (sadly) needing to rehome their companions.

3. Our Pet Adoption Stories are Very Thorough. You’ll learn all about each pet that we have profiled on our listings. This includes their history, health, behaviour, temperament, suitability for children and other pets, likes, dislikes, cute traits and much more. No surprises here.

4. Our Adoption Fees are Affordable. Our owners are not looking to make money from rehoming their pets. Our adoptions fees are normally just $150 plus tax for dogs, $40 plus tax for cats, and supplies and accessories are almost always included at no extra fee.

5. We Offer Unlimited Advice and Support. We set each adoption up for success by providing our adopters with all the advice and support they may need from our team of experts. Our pet rehoming team has more than 50 years combined experience in dog and cat health, behavior, training, breed characteristics, care, nutrition and more.

6. You Get to Meet and Speak with The Pet’s Owners. Nobody knows a pet better than it’s owners. Our pet owners have a strong interest in making sure their pet is placed in just the right home. You can expect plenty of questions, and plenty of answers – making sure that your match is a good one.

7. Our Comprehensive Waiting List System. Tell us what type, breed, age, size and other traits you are looking for in your next pet, and we’ll notify you as soon as we have a match. A small donation of just $15 is all that’s required to request this amazing service! Sign up here!

Ready to get started looking through our pets for adoption in Ontario for the dog or cat of your dreams? Read on, and enjoy!

sad dog owner feels guilty 2 about rehoming his pet in ontarioNeed to Rehome Your Pet in Ontario?

Our EXPERT pet rehoming team will help you find your pet the perfect new home SAFELY, EFFECTIVELY, AFFORDABLY, and with minimal stress for you or your pet. We were the FIRST pet rehoming service, and we are still the BEST.


ON Adoptable Dogs and Cats – Pets For Adoption in Ontario

Pets For Adoption in Toronto

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