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Ontario Pet Rehoming Services

Rehome Your Pet Dog of Cat Safely and Effectively in Ontario, Canada

Ontario Pet Adoptions Network is an open adoption agency for pets, providing rehoming services throughout the province and beyond.

Staffed by pet lovers with Ninja-level skills in online marketing, we help Ontario pet owners find good homes for dogs, cats, puppies and kittens.

When faced with having to rehome a cherished pet, many people are also having to face negative comments, unfair judgement and plenty of guilt.

Pet Rehoming Network was founded by Deborah Moore in 2015. A writer, SEO guru and website designer for more than 20 years, she realized the great need for a different option for folks who needed a shoulder to lean on, and help in finding the perfect new home for these pre-loved pets.

There are so many understandable situations where rehoming a pet is the only decision that makes sense. These include financial difficulties, having to move, divorce,  small children, illness, pet allergies, terminal illness, disability, age-related issues and more.

The last thing owners in this situation need is harsh judgement. And that is where we come in. Our compassionate rehoming team will place a compelling adoption story online, shared to a wide variety of other pet adoption websites, social media services and advertising mediums. We keep your identity confidential and act as the contacts for potential adopters interested in your pet. It is only after we have carefully screened an adoption application that your identity is revealed, and that is on your initiative.

Our team works diligently to locate a good home for your pet, then guides you through the process of selecting, contacting, meeting potential adopters, and then gently transitioning your pet into the new home, while at the same time checking to make sure the home is a safe, happy and healthy environment for your pet.

If you are facing the difficult situation of having to rehome your pet in Ontario, contact our knowledgeable, experienced and very empathetic pet rehoming team for assistance today. We look forward to being of help to you!