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Dog and Cat Rehoming Assistance Across Manitoba, MB

Are you facing the tough decision to find a new home for your dog or cat? We understand the emotional toll this takes and are here to support you. You’ll find a compassionate ear, understanding without criticism, and valuable guidance with us.

Our dedicated rehoming team utilizes a reliable process to secure a loving and safe new home for your pet in Manitoba, ensuring a smooth transition for both you and your furry friend.


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Pets For Adoption in Manitoba MB

Discover pre-loved pets looking for new homes across Manitoba via the Manitoba Pet Rehoming Network.

Dogs For Adoption in Manitoba  | Cats For Adoption in MB

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Rehome a Pet in Manitoba

Are you in Manitoba and looking to find a new loving home for your pet? Our Manitoba-based pet rehoming service is here to provide professional assistance to dedicated pet owners seeking nothing but the best for their canine or feline companions.

We offer a secure and efficient process to ensure the smooth transition of your pet into a new home. We recognize that no caring pet owner ever wishes to part with their dog or cat, but circumstances can arise that make rehoming necessary. Whatever your reason, we’re here to support pet owners across Manitoba in their rehoming journey.

Surrendering your cherished pet to a shelter or rescue should not be your go-to solution. Numerous animal shelters in Manitoba are currently operating at full capacity, taking in countless pets in need of homes. Tragically, shelters may euthanize animals deemed “unadoptable” or to free up space for incoming pets.

This is a scenario most pet owners would find heartbreaking for their beloved animals. The optimal approach is to seek out a caring new home for your pet while they are still under your guardianship. Our committed pet rehoming team in Manitoba specializes in doing just that for our clients, ensuring the best outcome for all involved.

Manitoba Pet Rehoming Services Are Offered In:

Portage la Prairie
The Pas
Flin Flon
Swan River
and throughout Manitoba MB and the rest of Canada

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We appreciate your interest in the rehoming services we provide across Manitoba and look forward to your response.

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