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Adoptable Pet Waiting List Services

Once your information is securely stored on our SSL secure adoption waiting list, our pet rehoming team will reach out to as soon as we have a match for you, and, with your permission, will send your pre-screened application to the pet’s owners for their consideration.

We ask for a small donation of just $15 for this service. Donations go directly towards the costs involved in doing what we do, and we greatly appreciate your kindness in donating to our important causes:

  1. Helping dog owners facing difficult circumstances where keeping their beloved companion is not possible.
  2. Keeping pre-loved family dogs and cats out of rescues and shelters, allowing these important organizations to focus on sheltering abandoned, abused and neglected dogs and cats while they find loving, forever families for them.

    We help reducing the number of pets entering shelters and often undergoing euthanasia due solely to the chronic lack of space for them.
  3. Assisting seniors and disabled dog lovers, who might otherwise not have the opportunity, in finding the companion they need to add love, joy and cuddles to their lives.

Please Do Not Request This Service if…

IMPORTANT: Please understand that we must pay to perform your background check.  We have had some rather thoughtless people dispute this small, 15.00 fee with their credit card company, resulting in a “black mark” on our reputation with PayPal and a 60.00 chargeback fee.

Unfortunately, PayPal is the only way we can receive payments for any of our services, so if this is taken away, we cannot do what we do.

Additionally, this is the same as if these people had stolen $75.00 from us, since we have paid out for the background check, and the wages for the team member screening your application, plus the crazy 60.00 fee from Paypal.

We do not make a profit from this fee! It goes directly towards our costs. Please, if there is any confusion as to what this service is for, and where the money goes, or if you would try to get this money back, should you find a pet elsewhere before we have the right pet available, PLEASE DO NOT REQUEST THIS SERVICE! 

Thank you.

AA Pet Adoption Waiting List

If you would like to be placed on our waiting list for notification when suitable pets are placed for rehoming with our service, please fill out the form below.

Please provide as much information as possible. This form is not intended to be intrusive, but ensures the safety and peace of mind of the families who have placed their trust in us to safely rehome their pets.

These families will be inviting potential adopters into their homes, so we must take careful measures to ensure their security by carefully screening potential adopters. Thank you for your understanding.

Should you and a pet's owner mutually agree to proceed with an adoption, there will be a small rehoming fee required as listed on the pet's profile. This fee will be due and payable to Pet Rehoming Network before this pet is transferred to your care.

  • Your Contact Information:

  • :

  • Are you willing to consider pets that are not in your immediate location? If yes, how far are you willing to travel to adopt the right pet?

  • Please provide 2 references that we can call. These should be people who know you well and can verify that you are responsible, knowledgeable and able to provide a loving, forever home for this pet. The first reference should be a veterinarian or other pet care professional.

  • Please provide the name and contact information for your current or previous veterinarian.

  • Please provide the name and contact information for someone who knows you well and can assure us of your ability to provide a good home for a pet.

  • We ask for a one-time $15 donation to be placed on our waiting list, have your application pre-screened, and be contacted for every potentially suitable pet that comes along until such time as you have acquired your companion, This amount will be deducted from any adoption processing fees when you adopt a pet through our service. Are you in agreement with this requirement?
  • Please enter a number from 9 to 11.