Cane Corso Dogs For Adoption in Raleigh NC

Two Cane Corso Sisters For Adoption in Raleigh NC – Adopt Lucy and Savannah

Looking for a Cane Corso dog for adoption in Raleigh NC? Lucy and Savannah are waiting to meet you. This beautiful bonded pair of Cane Corso dogs are spayed, up to date on shots, Crate Trained, House Broken, Leash Trained and Obedience Trained. They are best suited for a home with no other pets or small children. They will be adopted with supplies and veterinary records. Adopt this lovely pair of Cane Corso dogs in Raleigh NC today.

Orange Tabby Kitten For Adoption in La Mesa CA

Orange Tabby Kitten For Adoption in La Mesa CA – Adopt 5 MO Male Called Archie

Looking for an ultra-sweet Orange Tabby kitten for adoption in La Mesa CA and area? Meet Archie, a 5 month old kitten looking for his forever Mom and/or Dad.

To say that Archie is a purring machine would be an understatement. He is like a little orange ray of sunshine adding love and laughter to your day – every day. He is one of those rare cats that are as gentle and affectionate as they are adorable.

Archie has the most unique markings – his cute face sports perfectly symmetrical orange tabby with a white outline around his nose that looks like a flame. His cute white paws complete the look – he is absolutely irresistible!

Brown Tabby Cat For Adoption in New York City 2

Torbie Tabby Cats For Private Adoption in New York City NY – Adopt Harlem and York

If you have been looking for a very special pair of cats for adoption in NYC, Harlem and York would love to meet you. Every cat is unique, and this pair are no exception. Both cats are adult females, 6 and 7 years of age.  Harlem is the smaller of the two, weighing about 8 pounds. York is bigger at 12 pounds. They are both very pretty cats, sporting gorgeous stripes of brown, black and gold. 

Abe -English Srpringer Spaniel Border Collie Mix 2 For Adoption in Jacksonville NC 3

English Springer Spaniel Border Collie Mix Dog For Adoption Jacksonville NC – Adopt ABE

If you have been looking for an amazing family dog to adopt, Abe is waiting to meet you. This healthy young male English Springer Spaniel Border Collie mix is a handsome, healthy and well trained dog. He is neutered, up to date on shots, house trained and leash trained, obedience and leash trained. He is what we call a “ready to love” dog – just adopt and enjoy!
Abe is good with people of all ages and sizes. He gets along very well with other dogs, and he is even cat-friendly. You won’t find a nicer, more well behaved dog anywhere.

Abe is being rehomed by his military family, who have received orders to go to Japan. Bringing Abe along is not feasible, and so they are looking for a wonderful family to adopt Abe – a family that will cherish him, and give him all the love, attention care and exercise he needs.

Barnie Bella Shih Tzu Shorkie Dogs For Adoption Charlotte NC2

Shih Tzu Dogs For Adoption in Concord NC – Adopt Bonded Pair Barney and Bella

Introducing Barney and Bella, a pair of bonded small lap dogs for adoption in Concord NC, near Charlotte. Barney is a mix of Shih Tzu and Yorkshire Terrier (also known as a Shorkie). His best friend Bella is a purebred Shih Tzu. Together, they form the most adorable pair of lap dogs for adoption in the Charlotte area.

Aged 7 and 5, these doggie best friends are healthy, fixed, up to date on shots, house trained and well behaved. They are small sized; Barney weighs 11 pounds, while Bella is tiny at just 7 pounds.  Barney is more gregarious than Bella. She is a little shy and reserved until she gets to know you. Both dogs are wonderful companions. They love to cuddle, play with toys, cuddle some more, and get lots of tummy rubs.

Barney and Bellas owner is very sad to have to rehome them. It is a decision she has thought long and hard about, with her dogs’ best interests at heart. She works very long hours, and the dogs are left alone at home far too much. She feels that they would be happier in a home where they have human companionship most of the time, and is looking for dog lovers who are seniors, retired or work from home. They are best suited to be the only pets in the home, and are not a good choice for children due to their tiny size (particularly Bella).

Barney and Bella must be rehomed together. They are closely bonded, and will not be separated. These sweet dogs will be rehomed with all supplies and vet records. Barney has allergies for which he takes a daily pill. Other than that, both dogs are very healthy and well-cared-for.

Amazing Orange Tabby Cat For Adoption in Atlanta GA – Adopt Peanut

Peanut is one of those cats who can purr his way into your heart within moments of meeting him. He is a special needs cat, having lost his eyesight as a younger cat. Despite this, Peanut is a sweet, affectionate and playful cat that ads immeasurable love, laughter, joy and companionship to your home.

Peanut is very handsome. He is big and fluffy, with a tantalizing tangerine tabby coat, and big amber eyes set like jewels in his sweet. whiskered face. He has a way of making you feel special and appreciated every day. Peanut loves to spend time with you, offering moral support as you take care of your daily chores, relax, work or sleep. He likes attention and affection on his own terms. He would rather come and sit beside you than be picked up or hugged tightly. He is best suited for a calm, child free home with no other pets and a strong routine.

Because of his lack of eyesight, Peanut can be testy in the presence of other cats. For this reason, it would be best for Peanut to find a home with one very special cat lover who will cherish him and keep him safe, happy and healthy.

Peanut’s owner has made the difficult decision to rehome him, hoping to improve his life by taking away the stress of living with 2 other cats, and an owner that has to spend more time away on work travel than she is able to spend caring for her precious cats. She wants Peanut to have a much better life, with an owner who can make him their focus.

So if you have room in your heart and home for a very loving special needs Orange Tabby cat, please offer Peanut a loving home today. He can’t wait to meet you and purr his way into your heart and home. Adopt Peanut Today!

Dexter German Shepherd Mix Dog For Adoption Virginia

German Shepherd Mix Dog For Adoption in Newport News Virginia – Adopt Dexter

Are you looking for a German Shepherd Lab mix dog for adoption near Norfolk, Virginia Beach and Chesapeake VA? Dexter is a handsome and healthy 4 year old neutered male dog looking for a very special new home. Dexter has a very gentle and sweet temperament. He is good with other dogs, and very good with small children. He has had all his shots up to date, and will be rehomed with any supplies his owner has on hand for him, including some of the food and treats that he has been on and which agrees with him. Dexter can be adopted by himself, but his adorable sidekick, Nala, a Short Legged Jack Russell Terrier, would love to remain by his side. They have an amazing bond, and keep each other company when their owner has to be away.

Macie Great Dane Pointer Mix Dog For Adoption in Atlanta GA

German Shorthaired Pointer Mix Dog For Adoption n Alpharetta GA – Adopt Macie

Macie is a very pretty 18 month old German Shorthaired Pointer mix dog for adoption near Atlanta in Alpharetta, Georgia. Healthy and well behaved, Macie weighs about 50 pounds and has a sleek black and white coat, big brown eyes and an intelligent and very affectionate personality. Macie is also house trained and crate trained, and will be rehomed with vet records and supplies. Macie is good with other dogs, cats and adults, but is nervous around small children. She needs to be in a home with adults only, where she will be cherished and kept safe, happy and healthy. If you have been looking for a beautiful GSP mix to add love, joy, laughter and companionship to your home, please adopt Macie today. $150 adoption fee.

Nala Jack Russell Terrier Mix Dog For Adoption Virginia

Jack Russell Terrier For Adoption in Newport News, VA – Adopt 5 YO Female Nala

Newport News, VA – Meet Nala, a very sweet and healthy 4 year old purebred short legged Jack Russell Terrier for adoption near Norfolk to a loving, forever home. This sweet girl is fixed and up to date on shots. Good with other dogs and children. She would love to be adopted with her best friend, Dexter, a German Shepherd American Pit Bull Terrier mix dog. Adopt Dexter and Nala today. (888) 720-3322.