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Alberta Dog and Cat Owners

Offering Safe, Effective Alberta Pet Rehoming Services Since 2015

When you are faced with the very difficult situation of having to find a new home for your cherished dog, cat, puppy or kitten, Alberta Pet Rehoming Network is here for you. Our expert team of pet rehoming coordinators will help find your pet the very best home, all while your companion stays safe, happy and healthy in your loving care.

We offer pet rehoming services throughout Alberta, including Calgary, Edmonton, Medicine Hat, Lethbridge, Red Deer, Leduc, Grande Prairie, and all other smaller towns and villages throughout the province of Alberta.

If you need our help, please reach out to us to arrange a phone call with one of our caring and very empathetic rehoming team members. We look forward to finding your pet a great new home.

Pet owners in Alberta can rely on our secure and efficient private rehoming services for their pets.

Looking to rehome your pet in Alberta?

The Pet Rehoming Network has a team of experienced pet adoption professionals who can help you find a safe, effective, and affordable solution.

We understand that saying goodbye to your beloved dog or cat can be heartbreaking. However, life can sometimes present challenges that make it impossible to keep your pet.

Whether it’s due to illness, severe allergies, divorce, relocation, financial difficulties, a family death, or work demands, we can provide your pet with a new loving home where they will receive the care, attention, exercise, and affection they deserve.

Our proven pet rehoming process ensures your pet’s well-being and future welfare, while respecting your privacy and giving you peace of mind.

Pets for adoption in alberta by private owner Assistance with rehoming your pet in Alberta without any judgments.

Do you experience guilt when considering rehoming your cat or dog? We understand and won’t criticize.

Our goal is to assist you in finding your pet the perfect home while also offering emotional support during this challenging life circumstance. Instead of heartbreak and anxiety, we offer hope and tranquility.

We’ll assist in transforming your guilt into positivity, as you’ll know that by giving your pet a loving home where all their needs are met, you’ve significantly improved their quality of life.

Alberta Pet Rehoming: Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

Our pet rehoming service often raises questions for our clients, and we fully understand why. That’s why our team is always eager to alleviate any concerns and provide the necessary information to ensure you feel confident and comfortable with choosing our service to rehome your pet.

We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions, complete with detailed explanations, for your convenience in our FAQ section. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any inquiries about our process and how we can assist you in finding the perfect forever home for your furry friend.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us – we genuinely care about you and your pet’s well-being.

How Long Does It Take to Find a Home For My Pet?

Every situation is different, just as every pet is different. We have found homes for some pets within just a few days, while for others, finding that perfect forever home can take a few months. There are many things that play a part in how quickly a home can be found for your pet; the time of year, your pet’s type, breed, age and health/behavior, your location, and fate.

Rest assured, our dedicated pet rehoming team will work hard to attract the right family, couple or person for your pet. Our goal is always to find the BEST home for your pet. This can take time and great care in screening and selecting the best match for you and your pet. Sometimes, after a reasonable period of advertising has gone by, it’s necessary to expand our reach to other locations or adjust your pet’s profile. We work with you as a team, and between us try everything we can to attract a good home for you pet.

If you have a deadline such as a move – or if finding your pet a new home is a highly urgent situation, we will do our best to accommodate you, but cannot guarantee that a home will be located within your time frame.

If needed, for a small additional fee, we can help you find a temporary foster home or boarding for your pet until a permanent home is located and secured.

How Much Does Rehoming My Pet Cost?

Pet Rehoming Network offers a range of pet rehoming services ranging from $60 for a basic posting on our website and social media pages, to $240.00 for our Premium pet rehoming services package.

These fees cover our costs in creating and promoting your pet’s rehoming story throughout a wide variety of media. They also cover our costs for staff, phone services, Internet services and paid advertising services on Social Media and search engines. We provide you with an electronic adoption agreement drawn up specifically for you and your pet, and with careful follow-up for many months after your pet is adopted.

We make every effort to match you and your pet with the most suitable home, and most of our adoptions are very successful.


What Is Your Refund Policy?

Refunds requested within 24 hours of placing your order will be refunded in full, less a $25 administration fee.

Once the pet rehoming project for your pet has begun, we are not able to provide refunds. This is because of the great deal of expense and work that is done by our team for each pet that we rehome.

Pet Rehoming Network will work diligently for as long as it takes to find a good home for each and every pet placed with our service. The majority of pets find great homes within a 2 week to 6 week time frame. For other pets, finding the right home can take longer. There is no limit on the time we will continue to promote your pet.

Throughout the time during which a pet is being rehomed, our staff are working constantly placing and renewing ads and social media posts, responding to email inquiries, taking and placing phone calls and more. In many cases, more than 30 hours of work go into a pet rehoming project, in addition to the ongoing costs of paid advertising, paid social media campaigns and long distance telephone calls.

Once potential adopters are located, we pay to have background checks performed, and for our staff to do reference checks to ensure that meeting with a prospective owner is safe for you and your pet. We also provide a personalized electronic Adoption Agreement for the new owners to sign, which transfers ownership of your pet, and protects your pets future welfare.

Our rehoming services fees are very little when you consider all that we do and the expenses we incur in doing so. For these reasons, we cannot and do not offer refunds.

If you have found an adopter on your own through friends, family or co-workers, we will still provide you with careful screening and our solid adoption agreement. In the event that this placement does not work out (as happens with many family/friends placements), our staff will once again rehome your pet at no additional cost to you.

PLEASE NOTE: If you feel that you should be entitled to a refund, despite the great deal of work our team has done on your pets behalf, please do not use our service. Rehoming services fees are for the work and expense involved in finding your pet a good home – not the end result. You have our guarantee that we will put our very best efforts into helping you for as long as it takes to find your pet that perfect forever home.


What do Adoption Processing Fees Entail?

Pet Rehoming Network charges a fee to the new owner when placing your pet with them. This fee covers a full year of follow-up services for both you and your pet, as well as the possibility of rehoming them again if the initial adoption does not work out.

We maintain communication with the new owner for up to a year after the adoption to ensure that your pet is being well cared for and to provide peace of mind for all parties involved. This follow-up process is crucial to us and to the owners who entrust us with their pet’s well-being.


What is Your Rehoming Guarantee?

In the event that the new owners are unable to fulfill their commitment to your pet, Pet Rehoming Network will renew our efforts and look for another suitable home at no cost to the new owners or to you. The rehoming/adoption fees are used for this purpose, and also to allow us to be able to provide services for pet owners in dire financial circumstances.

Is it possible to rehome two pets simultaneously?

You can most definitely rehome 2 pets together! We have facilitated many bonded pet placements.

However, before you decide that your pets need to be rehomed as a set, make sure this is absolutely necessary, and that your pets would suffer emotional stress being separated. Placing bonded pet together generally is more difficult and takes longer. Very often pets thrive on their own in their new homes, provided the new owners are the right fit, and able to provide the environment, care and companionship your pet needs.


Can you assist me in finding a new home for my pet within the next few days?

Generally, rehoming a pet takes time and effort. If you know you are going to need to find a good home for your pet, the more notice you can give us, the better.

We have been able to find homes for pets within days, but much of this depends on your pet’s characteristics – and your location. It is rare that we are able to successfully and carefully rehome a pet within a very tight deadline.

When your situation is urgent and your pet needs to be housed immediately, we will do our best to accommodate you. However finding and screening the right home for your pet is not something that should be done in haste. It is usually very difficult to locate a good home for your pet that quickly. If you know that you will be needing to rehome your pet, please provide as much lead time as possible. Don’t wait until 2 weeks before your deadline, hoping that a friend, co-worker or family member will take your pet – it usually doesn’t happen.

During the process of rehoming, where will my pet be staying?

Your pet will stay with you until a new home is found. There is nothing more stressful for a pet than to be placed in a shelter, and leaving your pet with a shelter is also incredibly upsetting for most pet owners. Dogs and cats are very territorial animals. They sense the fear, tension and anxiety of other animals, and they can experience a great deal of stress in a shelter environment. Not only that, they miss you terribly. Imagine what your devoted cat or dog would go through being abandoned by you in a shelter!

Staying with you and receiving your love and attention while a new home is located is the very best scenario for pet and owner.

When you are dealing with severe allergies or other situation that make it necessary to house your pet elsewhere, it is best to seek out a friend or family member to temporarily care for your pet. Another option is to confine your pet in a separate area of your home until we can locate their forever home. If this is not possible, we can try to locate a foster family for your pet near you. We ask that you offer the foster family a $150 monthly gratuity, and provide food, supplies and vet care until your pet finds a permanent home. There is also an additional $50 fee to us for the extra work in locating a foster home for your pet.

In the event that my pet’s adoption does not go as planned, what are my options?

We do our very best to ensure that each pet is placed with new owners who are well-suited and well aware of your pet’s pros and cons. Once in a while, an adoption does not work out.

The Adoption Processing Fee that is charged to the adoptive owner when your pet is adopted allows our staff to follow up regularly with the new owners. It also allows us to rehome your pet again, should the new owners be unable to fulfill their commitment.

There is no additional cost to you, and the new owners are expected to keep your pet safe, happy and healthy until another home is decided upon.


Is it still possible for you to assist me despite my inability to afford the payment for the service?

Our staff do our best to help pet owners and pets in need. If you are facing financial difficulty and need assistance rehoming a pet, we can provide basic services for a small donation. Please contact us and let us know your situation. We’ll be happy to speak with you and discuss options available to you.


Are donations accepted by you?

Absolutely! We are often contacted by those who have found an abandoned pet, and by pet owners faced with dire financial circumstances who would otherwise have no choice but to place their pet in a shelter.

Donations to our service allow our team to provide services free of charge in these circumstances. We greatly appreciate any amount you may be able to give.


Is a home inspection conducted on the new home of my pets?

Yes! The home inspection is done by the person most qualified to determine that it is a safe, happy and healthy home for your pet – you! We carefully guide our pet owners through the process of doing a home inspection when their pet is transitioned into it’s new home. We highly recommend that owners deliver their pets to the approved applicant and stay an hour or two to help their pet adjust to their new surroundings and home.

Is rehoming pets with health or behavior issues something you do?

We will do our very best to find a good home for every pet. Some pets with health or behavior issues can present a real challenge, but we can often find these pets homes with time, creativity and patience.

It is very important that you be completely honest with us about your pet when you place your rehoming request. If your pet is not house broken, we need to know about it. If your pet is aggressive to other animals or children, we need to know about it.

If your pet has a health issue that is going to be costly for the prospective owners, we really need to know about it. In these situations, we usually suggest that you set up a veterinary fund for your pet to take care of their extra expenses for the new owners. This can make people much more willing to adopt a dog or cat with a health problem.

Many behavior issues can be helped or eliminated by placing your pet in a home where these issues will not be present. Removing the triggers can eliminate the problem. For example, a dog with severe separation anxiety can be placed in a home with people who do not work such as retirees. Cats that have litter box issues can be placed in a quiet, pet and kid-free home which can often solve the litterbox problems, which are often caused by anxiety and territorial behavior.

Never withhold important information about your pet. We need to know all their good qualities – and any problems – so that we can make sure they are placed in the most suitable home and have the best chance of staying there forever.


Is rehoming senior pets something you do?

Absolutely. We have rehomed many senior dogs and cats. Many pet owners love seniors. This is particularly true when the pet owners are seniors themselves. Taking on the responsibilities of a young pet (which may live 20 years or more) is not always an option for people who are in their senior years themselves. Not only that, younger pets require a lot more exercise and care than most senior dogs and cats.

Most rescues and shelters will not accept senior pets, and you may have been told that they are “unadoptable” by these organizations. We have proven this to be false, and will be happy to help you find a very good home for your older dog or cat.

Is it Permissible for Senior Citizens to Adopt Your Pets?

Yes, we do. If the pet’s owner is in agreement, we are happy to place their pet in a senior’s home. Often a home with a senior is the perfect setting for pets that need lots of human companionship, or a quiet home with a strong routine. As long as the senior has family that will be willing to take on the responsibility of ownership if circumstances in the seniors life should change, we are happy to facilitate these adoptions.

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