ADOPTED – Adorable Debbie – 3 MO Female Purebred Border Collie Puppy – Tampa, Florida

Hi, My name is Debbie!



Debbie has found her forever home! This cute puppy caught the eye of Monika, a real dog lover living in Fort Myers, Florida. When they met, it was love at first sight. Debbie will be enjoying lots of love, care and attention, as well as visits to local dog parks and a huge area in which to romp and play.

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Here is our our rehoming team presented Debbie to attract her new home!

Located in Tampa, Florida, Debbie is an absolutely amazing purebred Border Collie puppy. She is just 3 months old, very healthy, and up to date on her vaccinations. She has such a cute personality, and she is sooooo smart!  She is already house-broken and quite well behaved for her young age.

Debbie’s owner is a student who over-estimated her ability to provide the right kind of home for Debbie when she adopted her. The plan was to rent a house with a securely fenced yard, but this plan has proven to be way too expensive. Unfortunately, living in a small apartment with the owner and her three room-mates is not the ideal situation for Debbie.

Debbie has has lots of energy and needs to be placed with dog lovers who can give her plenty of attention, love, play and exercise. She needs a family with some great kids to play with, or an active retired couple or person with some fun grandchildren for her to adore. Ideally, she would be best suited for home owners who have a nice, big, securely fenced back yard for her.


Debbie has not been around cats or other dogs, but there is no reason to expect that she would not be accepting of both. She is great with kids, and loves people.

Debbie will need to be spayed by her new owners. She will be rehomed with all of her supplies and the sincere gratitude of her owner, who would very much like to keep in touch with her new family, at least in the first several months.

All About Debbie

Name of Pet: Debbie
Location: Tampa, Florida, 33612
Type of Pet: Puppy
Breed of Pet: Border Collie
Sex of Pet: Female[/one_half]

Age of Pet: 3 month
Spayed/Neutered?: No
Health Problems: No
Up To Date on Vaccinations: Yes
Gets along with cats: Unknown
Gets along with dogs: Unknown
Good with Children?: Yes
House Broken or Litter Trained?: Yes
Crate Trained?: No
Accessories Included: I can give you all toys, foods, her bed, for her.

Debbie’s Personality

She is smart.
She like play with people.
She is so friendly with all peoples.
she is so beautiful.
less bark.

Debbie’s Current Home Environment

I live in a apartment. I prefer her new family could have a yard.

Debbie’s Current Family:

I”m a student. I with Debbie live in apartment. I have four friends live with me.

Debbie’s Favorite Toys, Foods, Activities?

She like ball, a chicken toy, tissue paper, and a wood. She never eat humans food before. She love dogs foods, cookies, ~

Cute Debbie Story:

Although she was playing her toy, when I’m crying she will come hug me.
She like playing on sand beach and grass.
She always have dream when she sleeping~

Why is Debbie Being Rehomed?

Actually, I don’t want abandon her, but I over estimate my economic. I want rent a house give her better environment, but that’s really expensive. And I don’t have much time play with her, she just can stay in my room. I think that unfair for her. She desire have a better family.

Debbie’s Perfect Adoptive Home Will Be:

Best have a yard.
She must live in home not yard.
Best have 2-3 hours play with her, she like pick up ball, and walking with people.
Best walking 2-3 times one day.
Best don’t put her in the cage, she will be sad.

Additional Comments:

I really want see her everyday, but I know I can’t that not good for her new family and her. But maybe I wish her new family could send her some pictures to me. I miss her.