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German American Bulldog Mix Adoption Chestermere AB

Amazing Senior German Bulldog Mix For Adoption in Calgary (Chestermere) AB – Supplies Included – Adopt Royce

Looking for a very sweet senior to add love and joy to your home? Royce is such a sweet boy! He’s a 9 year old German Bulldog mix that loves going for walks, sunbathing, playing fetch and getting belly rubs. He’s an awesome companion and would do well in any home where he will be given lots of love and attention, a bit of exercise and the care and keeping he needs to be happy and healthy. Royce has Hypothyroid, but it’s not a big deal – he just takes a pill and gets checked by the vet a couple times a year to make sure his levels are good. He’s so charming that taking care of this small issue is not a burden at all. If you have been looking for a sweet older dog to spoil silly, Royce can’t wait to meet you. Adopt Royce today!

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