Dear Clients and Potential Clients.

This morning, we became aware of an outrageously false “complaint” posted about our service, and about our founder, Debbie Moore, on “Rip Off Report“, a site that allows anyone to post anything anonymously and with impunity, does not verify the information, and does not allow the person or company being slandered to refute the accusations (despite what they claim on their website). This false report was very likely posted by another pet rehoming service, in an attempt to damage our reputation and assasinate Debbie’s character.

Here is the “complaint” in it’s entirety:
False complaint rip off report

Those of you who have spoken or corresponded with Debbie know that this is a piece of fiction. Pet Rehoming Network has helped so many pet owners find great homes through the safe, careful and proven rehoming process that was set up by Debbie and Dave and the many volunteers that are part of their rehoming team.

Debbie is a warm, caring lady with so much empathy and respect for pet owners facing one of life’s most difficult situations. The many, many rehoming success stories and client testimonials attest to this.  That this outrageous claim has been posted online, without there being any evidence supporting it is criminal. Rip Off Report is not a credible or legitimate consumer reports service, but rather a vehicle that allows one individual to destroy the reputation of another – anonymously, and without reproach.

We sincerely hope that anyone finding this information online will approach it with a “grain of salt” and give us a call. We will be happy to speak with you, and can provide you with numerous references from clients we have helped.

You can reach us toll free at (888) 720-3322.

Rip Off Report has destroyed lives and livelihoods. They extort thousands of dollars from their victims by refusing to remove, correct or alter these malicious and unsubstantiated posts unless the victim agrees to pay them for what they call a VIP Arbitration Package for which they charge upwards of 3000.00. It is extortion, and for now, they have been able to get away with it because of a loophole in the US constitution regarding freedom of speech.

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