Los Angeles Pet Rehoming Testimonial

[margin20]Our family cannot thank you enough for your assistance in finding homes for our two dogs.

Worsening allergies in our family forced us to make the tough decision to rehome our 5 year old spaniel mix and 11 year old lab mix. We tried unsuccessfully on our own for 10 months to find suitable homes for our dogs: everything from Craigslist postings to contacting rescue groups to asking friends and neighbors. After coming across your web site I decided to call and get more info, as I was quite skeptical about the service. You answered all of my questions immediately and completely and convinced me to use your service.

I truly cannot believe that not only did you find homes for our dogs in about a week’s time, you found AMAZING homes for both of them! We couldn’t be happier to see our beloved puppies go to great homes with families who will give them the love and physical affection that we could no longer give, due to the allergies.

I would recommend that ANYONE facing the difficult decision of having to re-home a pet should contact you immediately. Your professional manner, constant communication with us and immediate and incredible success in placing our dogs has made me a believer. If you hear from anyone who is skeptical about using your service (just as I was), please, please, please have them contact me. I’d love to share our success story.

All the best to you and thank you again!


Sina P.

Los Angeles, CA