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Private Pet Rehoming and Adoption Services - Pet Rehoming Network

Pet Rehoming Network

Private Pet Adoptions

Pet Rehoming Network finds good homes for pre-loved dogs, cats, puppies and kittens throughout the USA and Canada.

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We Help Caring Owners Find Loving Homes For Their Pets

Safe, Effective Private Pet rehoming

Need to rehome a pet? Pet Rehoming Network is staffed by pet adoptions professionals with decades of experience finding good homes for dogs, cats, puppies and kittens.  We can find your pet a home  safely, effectively and inexpensively. If you are like most pet owners, you are heartbroken to have to face parting with your cherished cat or dog. Unfortunately, life can present obstacles that make keeping your pet all-but impossible. Circumstances including illness, severe pet allergies, divorce, a long distance move, financial difficulties, a death in the family or increased job demands can make it necessary to find a new home for your pet. Although emotionally difficult, finding a great new home where your pet will receive the love, care, attention and exercise they need and deserve can be the kindest thing to do. Our careful and proven pet rehoming process ensures your pet’s well-being and future welfare, while protecting your privacy and giving you peace of mind.

Orange tabby cat for adoption in farmingdale new york

Judgement-Free Help Rehoming Your Pet

Are  you feeling guilty thinking about rehoming your cat or dog? We offer empathy – not judgement. We are here to help you find your pet the very best home, and give you much needed emotional support as you face one of life’s most distressing situations. We replace heartache with hope, and worry with peace of mind. We will help turn that guilt into positivity, knowing that you have made your pet’s life even better by placing them in a loving home where all of their needs and wants are met.

Pet Rehoming Services Throughout New York State


how we do it

Our Rehoming Process

Orange tabby cat for adoption in farmingdale new york

helping your pet shine!

We start by creating a very compelling adoption story and adoption video for your pets, and then place ads on all popular pet classifieds, create paid social media campaigns and paid video marketing campaigns that specifically target pet lovers in your area and the surrounding areas.

Orange tabby cat for adoption in farmingdale new york

social outreach

Our team have special training in social media marketing. We will get your pet seen by pet lovers near you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and many more, creating viral campaigns for your dog or cat.

Orange tabby cat for adoption in farmingdale new york

careful screening

We will pre-screen potential adopters before sending anyone your way. We endeavor to provide you with a short list of the best qualified potential adopters, to make the process easier for you.

Orange tabby cat for adoption in farmingdale new york

follow up

Our staff will keep in touch with the new owners for the first year to ensure your pets’ well-being and whereabouts. We also offer advice and support, particularly if the new owners are new to pet ownership.

What Drives Us

Our Commitment to You and Your Pet

Pet rehoming - rehome a pet - pets for rehoming 2 We take our commitment to you and your pet very seriously. Our team of pet rehoming experts will find your dog or cat the very best home. We will help you through the process of transitioning your pet into their new family. We are not a “do it yourself” pet rehoming service – we take care of finding the right home for your dog or cat. We carefully screen potential adopters before presenting you with their applications. And we follow up with the new owners once your pet is placed in their care. This careful follow up is so important. We make sure your pet is doing well in it’s new home after the adoption is finalized. This ensures your pet’s future welfare, whereabouts and well-being – and your peace of mind.


Questions about our pet rehoming services for dogs and cats? Call or text our toll-free help line at (888) 720-3322 or fill out our information form. A member of our team will call you to chat about your situation and help you decide if rehoming your pet is the right decision for you.

Orange tabby cat for adoption in farmingdale new york

Frequently Asked Questions About Pet Rehoming

Understandably, our clients have many questions about our pet rehoming service. Our team are always happy to address your concerns and provide you with the information you need to feel confident and at ease with your decision to rehome your pet through Find My Pet A Home. There are some questions that we are very often asked. We have included these questions, along with detailed explanations in this FAQ section for your convenience. Always feel free to call us to inquire about any aspect of what we do, and how we can help you find that perfect forever home for your dog, cat or other pet. Please feel free to call us toll free throughout North America: 1 (888) 720-3322. We care about you and your pet!

How Long Does It Take to Find a Home for my Pet?

Every situation is different, just as every pet is different. We have found homes for some pets within just a few days, while for others, finding that perfect forever home can take a few months. There are many things that play a part in how quickly a home can be found for your pet; the time of year, your pet’s type, breed, age and health/behavior, your location, and fate. Rest assured, our dedicated pet rehoming team will work hard to attract the right family, couple or person for your pet. Our goal is always to find the BEST home for your pet. This can take time and great care in screening and selecting the best match for you and your pet. Sometimes, after a reasonable period of advertising has gone by, it’s necessary to expand our reach to other locations or adjust your pet’s profile. We work with you as a team, and between us try everything we can to attract a good home for you pet. If you have a deadline such as a move – or if finding your pet a new home is a highly urgent situation, we will do our best to accommodate you, but cannot guarantee that a home will be located within your time frame. If needed, we can help you find a temporary foster home or boarding for your pet until a permanent home is located and secured.

How Much Does It Cost?

Find My Pet A Home charges an administrative fee of $150 to rehome each pet. This is a one-time fee, and covers our costs in promoting your pet’s rehoming story throughout a wide variety of media. It also covers our costs for telecommunications services, Internet services and paid advertising services on Social Media and search engines. We provide you with an electronic adoption agreement drawn up specifically for you and your pet. We make every effort to match you and your pet with the most suitable home, and most of our adoptions are very successful.

What Is Your Refund Policy?

Refunds requested within 1 business day of placing your order will be refunded in full, less a $35 administration fee. Once the pet rehoming project for your pet has begun, we are not able to provide refunds. This is because of the great deal of work that is done by our team for each pet that we rehome. For a run-down of all that we do, please click here. Find My Pet A Home will work diligently for as long as it takes to find a good home for each and every pet placed with our service. The majority of pets find great homes within a 2 week to 6 week time frame. For other pets, finding the right home can take longer. Throughout the time during which a pet is being rehomed, our staff are working constantly placing and renewing ads and social media posts, responding to email inquiries, taking and placing phone calls and more. In many cases, more than 3o hours of work go into a pet rehoming project, in addition to the ongoing costs of paid advertising, paid social media campaigns and long distance telephone calls. Once potential adopters are located, we pay to have background checks performed, to ensure that meeting with a prospective owner is safe for you and your pet. We also provide a personalized electronic Adoption Agreement for you and the new owners to sign, which transfers ownership of your pet, and protects your pets future welfare. Our $150 rehoming services administration fee is very little when you consider all that we do and the expenses we incur in doing so. For these reasons, we cannot and do not offer refunds. If you have found an adopter on your own through friends, family or co-workers, we will still provide you with careful screening and our solid adoption agreement. In the event that this placement does not work out (as happens with many family/friends placements), our staff will once again rehome your pet at no additional cost to you. If you feel that you should be entitled to a refund, despite the great deal of work our team has done on your pets behalf, please do not use our service. Rehoming services administration fees are for the work and expense involved in finding your pet a good home – not the end result. You have our guarantee that we will put our very best efforts into helping you for as long as it takes to find your pet that perfect forever home.

Adopt a pre-loved pet

Pets For Private Adoption in NY

Siberian Mix Cat for Adoption in New York NY – Supplies Included – Adopt Romeo

Have you been looking for a Orange Tabby cat for adoption in East Elmhurst, NY and area?

Pet Rehoming Network is pleased to present Romeo, a very special pet in need of a loving, forever home.

Romeo is healthy and has been fixed, is up to date on shots and micro-chipped. This Orange Tabby cat has a loving personality and is good with children, dogs and cats.

Romeo will be rehomed with supplies and vet records. Adopt this deserving Orange Tabby cat in East Elmhurst, NY today.

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1 super cuddly orange tabby cat for adoption in farmingdale new york – meet hermes

1 Super Cuddly Orange Tabby Cat for Adoption in Farmingdale New York – Meet Hermes

Looking for an Orange Tabby cat for adoption in Farmingdale, New York? Get ready to say “hello” to your new best friend, Hermes, the most purr-fectly charming Orange Tabby Cat waiting for his forever home. This fabulously friendly feline is eleven years...

Amazing 1 YO Australian Shepherd Dog For Adoption in Richmond Hill NY

This Australian Shepherd dog is no longer available to adopt. If you would like to be notified when we have a similar dog available, please fill out our waiting list form at  ...

Amazing border collie dog for adoption in antwerp new york – meet bunny

Amazing Border Collie Dog For Adoption in Antwerp New York – Meet Bunny

  Looking for a beautiful Border Collie dog for adoption in Antwerp, New York, near Kingston and Brockville, Ontario? Bunny would love to be considered for the position of your cherished family companion. Read on to learn all about this beautiful, sensitive and...

Lovable chiweenie (miniature dachshund chihuahua mix dog) for adoption in brooklyn ny – meet sophie

Lovable Chiweenie (Miniature Dachshund Chihuahua Mix Dog) For Adoption in Brooklyn NY – Meet Sophie

Learn all about Sophie, and adorable Miniature Dachshund mix dog for adoption in Brooklyn New York and area. This 18 month old dog will be rehomed with supplies.

Alaskan Klee Kai Dog For Adoption in Brooklyn New York – Adopt Sweet Bogart

Looking for a furry friend to share your life with in Brooklyn, New York? Look no further than Bogart! This 7-year-old Alaskan Klee Kai dog is an absolute cutie-pie who will steal your heart with his snuggles and adorable eyes. Bogart is a loyal companion who loves to talk to his owners and is fiercely protective of his family. He is well-trained and smart, making him the perfect addition to any loving home where there are no small children.

You won’t regret welcoming Bogart into your life – he has so many amazing qualities that make him stand out from the crowd. From his snuggles to his adorable eyes, Bogart is sure to steal your heart. He’s also highly intelligent and well-trained, making him a breeze to care for. Plus, he’s a pro at opening doors with his paw – it’s hilarious and so cute to watch!

Bogart is located in Brooklyn, New York, but can be adopted from anywhere within a reasonable distance. If you’re located in Brooklyn NY, New York NY, Hoboken NJ, Jersey City NJ, Bayonne NJ, or any nearby area, you’re in luck! Adopt Bogart today and experience the joy of unconditional love.

American staffordshire terrier amstaff dog for adoption in new hampton new york – meet king

American Staffordshire Terrier Amstaff Dog For Adoption in New Hampton New York – Meet King

An absolutely loveable older American Staffordshire Terrier (Amstaff) dog for adoption in New Hampton, New York, King is hoping to entice you to offer him his forever home.  This very special dog is 10 years old and weighs 80 pounds.

King is willing to move anywhere within a reasonable distance of his quiet, suburban home, and is really hoping to find some dog lovers who will spoil him rotten in his sunset years.

Read on to learn all about King and how you can offer him a new home today.

Pitbull Mix Dog for Adoption in Bronxville New York – Meet Duke

Duke is a friendly and handsome Pitbull mix dog in Bronxville, NY who is looking for a forever home. He is medium-sized with brown and white fur, loves to play and cuddle, and is well-behaved on a leash. Despite being abandoned by his previous owners, Duke is ready to start a new chapter with a loving family. He is up-to-date on all his vaccinations, neutered, and microchipped, and is perfect for families, couples, and single individuals. Contact us today to schedule a meet and greet with Duke.

Dilute Grey Tabby Cat For Adoption in Brooklyn New York – Meet Delightful Bobbi

Looking for a Dilute Grey Tabby cat for adoption in Brooklyn, New York? Bobbi is a beautiful female cat who is up for adoption to a loving family. This six-year-old cat weighs 11 pounds and is incredibly cute and sweet. Bobbi is not a loud cat and loves to sit and...

Bernedoodle Dog for Adoption in North Wales (Philadelphia) PA – Meet Handsome Holly

Looking for a Bernedoodle dog for adoption in North Wales, Pennsylvania near Philadelphia, New York City and many locations in the tri-states area? With his amazing odd-eyes and adorable curly long coat, Holly is about the cutest dog you will find available to adopt...



Your organization exceeded my expectations!  We had to rehome our precious Havanese named Milo. I did not know where to start. So I started googling and came across the Pet Rehoming Network organization. Deborah was great and very helpful from the start of the process. To make a long story short Milo was rehomesd less than a week from the time his pictures were posted across social media. I am convinced that Milo went a loving family. My Pet Rehoming Team were: Helpful Empathetic Efficient Responsive Accountable Resourceful Knowledgeable Respectful Patient Kind Would you recommend our service to other pet owners? YES! I could not have done it without the help from this organization, namely Deborah. Thank you so much! Pattie Armstead Email: [email protected] Raleigh, NC

Patti Armstead

Owner, Milo - Havanese Dog Rehomed in Raleigh NC

Debbie from Pet Rehoming Network helped us through a very trying period of our lives. Due to life circumstances, we had to rehome 2 of our family cats who are 14 years of age, after doing much research and calling local services, I was at wits end because it doesn’t seem as though there’s a way to rehome 2 older cats. Our cats have never been separated so having to rehome 2 cats to the same home was our top priority but we know that’s a tall order. After a couple months, we found the most perfect home within 20 miles from where we live and we couldn’t have asked for a better situation. This service has alleviated so much pressure, stress, and guilt but in the end it worked out as planned, it just took a little patience. We are extremely grateful and at peace with this decision and can’t wait to visit our girls in their new home.” Thanks again Debbie!!! 

Huong and Sean

Owners, Kaeli and Alli - Bonded Senior Cat in Seattle

I never in a million years thought I would be in the position to have to make the very difficult decision to rehome my pets. My caring rehoming specialist (Debbie Moore) was kind, compassionate, supportive and completely non-judgmental of my situation or decision. She was diligent in asking necessary questions about my pets in order to find them the very best situation in their new forever homes. Milo transitioned into his new home last month and he and his new owner are very happy together. Although there was significant interest in my dogs, Debbie assured me to take my time in order that I was 100% comfortable in my decision to select the right home and owners for my babies; when I disqualified a candidate, she never got frustrated with me and encouraged me to be picky; Rigby’s new family is overcome with love and emotion, have kept me updated with his transition and I’m truly confident that Rigby was somehow meant to bring joy to both our families. My heart is broken without my babies, but I know they are receiving the love, attention and affection they deserve. Thank you petrehoming and specifically, Debbie Moore. You made a heart-wrenching situation as smooth as possible. Best, Dina Rutstein Executive HR & Business Consultant 845-803-1434

Dina Rutstein

Owner, Rigby - Havanese Dog Rehomed in NY

Our family never thought that we would be faced with the tough decision of having to rehome our sweet cat, Duncan. When our family received orders to Alaska, we knew it was a real possibility that it would simply be too much stress for Duncan to handle. We searched for weeks on the internet to find the best solution for our sweet cat and stumbled upon The Pet Rehoming Network and reached out to Debbie. After a few emails, we made the decision to post Duncan’s profile with Debbie in hopes of finding him the perfect home. Debbie and her team were amazing! The amount of thought and work that went into Duncan’s profile was truly touching. His write up was simply beautiful! Duncan’s adoptive family is perfect! They are everything that I would hope for, for our sweet baby! After meeting with them, I was overwhelmed with joy and love during this heart wrenching time. After they left from their visit with him, I felt at peace. I’m truly confident that Duncan is in the exact place that he’s supposed to be. I know his new family will care for him and give him the love and attention he deserves! Debbie and her entire team have been a complete blessing to our family! Debbie took a tough situation in our lives and made it easier! She was kind, compassionate, and never gave up on finding the right home for Duncan. Our family would recommend The Pet Rehoming Network without hesitation to anyone who is faced with the difficult decision of finding a new home for a loved pet. Thank you so much! Blanton


Owner, Duncan - Cat Rehomed in VA

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