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Edmonton Pet Rehoming Network Review From Oumnia – Owner of Leo

Ed5e4aa5 2302 4064 877a d87ce45c65b3 768x768. JpegLocationEdmonton Pet Rehoming Network

Name of Pet: Leo

Breed of Pet: Pomeranian dog

What would you like to say about Edmonton Pet Rehoming Services?

Oh Deborah! She has been amazing! I was so reluctant at the beginning to go with the services however, it has been the best thing to do for our little dog Leo! Deborah gave me options of individuals and knew exactly what type of home I was looking for! I would recommend this service over and over again! It’s never easy rehoming an animal as they have become a part of the family but the circumstances we got put into left is with no choice. Thank you for all the help, the compassion and truly understanding what our family was looking for ❤️

How did you find the services to be?:

Helpful, Empathetic, Efficient, Responsive, Accountable, Resourceful, Knowledgeable, Respectful, Patient, Kind

Would you recommend Edmonton Pet Rehoming Services to other pet owners faced with needing to rehome a cherished family pet?  Absolutely!