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Photo shows malum, a gray Russian Blue mix cat for adoption in Edmonton Alberta perch to top up child's dressing table

Looking for a Russian Blue mix cat for adoption in Edmonton (Beaumont) Alberta?  Attention all affectionate animal aficionados and feline fanciers! Are you on the prowl for a purr-fectly pleasant companion to add a touch of grace and a bundle of love to your life? Look no further than the enchanting emerald eyes of Malum, a marvelous Male Russian Blue mix cat awaiting adoption in the heart of Beaumont, AB.

Malum isn’t just any cat; he’s a pre-loved, polished gem with a heart as big as his personality. At the tender age of 10 years, this dapper dude is ready to leap into the lap of luxury — your loving home. Imagine a weight of 11.5 pounds of pure snuggle-worthy fluff, ready to curl up beside you as you binge-watch your favorite series. Yes, when it comes to cozy companionship, Malum is a maestro!

Let’s talk about the fantastic five — the quintet of qualities that make Malum the cat’s meow:

1. Sofa Snuggler Supreme: Malum is a connoisseur of comfort, predicting your leisure time with an uncanny sixth sense. His snuggly nature is not just heartwarming; it’s practically a heated blanket of happiness.

2. Housebound Hunter: Discover the joy as Malum embarks on indoor expeditions, transforming your home into his personal playground. His playful spirit is infectious, and he’s always game for a little frolic.

3. Silky Smooth Snugglebug: One stroke of his lush, plush coat, and you’ll find yourself in a feline fur heaven. Malum’s luxurious fur is not just to keep him warm; it’s designed for endless cuddle sessions.

4. Jovial Jester: Malum’s playful antics are just a whisker away! He’s ever-ready to pounce on a playful moment, turning the dullest of days into a delightful display of cat charisma.

5. Companion Extraordinaire: More than just a pet, Malum is a companion who understands the art of unconditional love and is eager to share it with his new forever family.

Sadly, Malum’s current human companions are faced with the heart-wrenching decision to find him a new castle to call home. Their hope? To find a loving soul who will cherish this charming chap as much as they do.

If you’re ready to open your heart and hearth to this delightful dignitary of the feline world, don’t dilly-dally—Malum is waiting to fill your life with purrs, play, and plenty of love.

Read on to discover how you can be the lucky human to offer Malum his forever throne and become the recipient of his legendary loyalty. Let the tale of togetherness begin!


Meet Malum – Pre-Loved Russian Blue mix cat For Adoption by Owner in Beaumont AB

Malum is a Male Russian Blue mix cat for adoption to a very loving home in or near Beaumont, AB. This very special cat is 10 years old and weighs 11Pounds

5 Amazing Things About Malum:

I love how snuggly Malum is, and that he knows when we sit down to watch TV and is never more than a few seconds behind us. Through the day he wanders through the house looking for games to play.
Malum has a soft and supple coat; as much as he wants to snuggle with you, it is hard to get enough of snuggling him.
Malum is also very playful, it is very easy to get him to join in on a game and play around. In all, he is a snuggly companion.

Malum’s owners are very sad to have to rehome their cherished cat, but circumstances beyond their control have made rehoming a must-do.

They are hoping to find the right home where this deserving cat will be loved unconditionally and kept safe, happy, healthy and well-cared-for.

If you have room in your heart and home for Malum, then please offer a loving, forever home today. Malum can’t wait to show you the true meaning of unconditional love.

Please reach out and let’s find this majestic fur angel the loving home he deserves! Spread the word to help Malum find his new family. Malum

How To Adopt Malum

Please fill out our online meeting request form via the button below. Once your application is received and reviewed, our staff will ask the pets owner to reach out to you and arrange a meeting.

There is a $30 adoption/rehoming fee. Supplies and veterinary records will be included.

Questions about Malum?


All About Malum – Russian Blue mix cat For Adoption in Beaumont AB

Name of Pet: Malum
Location: Beaumont, AB, T4X 1A4
Type of Pet: cat
Breed of Pet: Russian Blue mix
Sex of Pet: Male
Age of Pet: 10 years
Spayed/Neutered?: Yes
Health Problems: Yes Malum Eats urinary food due to bladder crystals – there have been no issues since starting the urinary food, however – approx 6 years later.
Behavior Issues: Yes Unfortunately Malum is fairly anxious. He loves people, children, and other cats. He may even get alone fine with smaller or calm dogs. He is best described as a lap-cat, but if he does not get the direct 1:1 attention that he needs, he becomes increasingly insistant. He may be better in a home without other pets, and likely without younger children. Again, he is great with young children, but they may offer anxiety that is impacting him.

The anxiety was not excessive until after our second child was born, now as our child gets older, Malum gets more anxious.

Malum’s anxiety has come and gone through his life, but in the last few months it has been high and we can’t seem to help him find calm. We have seen a vet, who believes that the issue is directly related to his anxiety. We have tried several changes for him but between being busy with two kids and two other cats, we have not been able to get him the 1:1 time that he craves.
Up To Date on Vaccinations: No
Gets along with cats: Yes
Gets along with dogs: Unknown
Good with Children?: Yes, Good With Children aged 8 and up
House Broken or Litter Trained?: Yes
Accessories Included: We will include a bag of his current food and litter, as well as some toys that he has enjoyed. We will also include a cat stress pheromon diffuser which seems to help Malum some unknown amount, but hopefully would help him transition.

5 Amazing Things About Malum:

1. I love how snuggly Malum is, and that he knows when we sit down to watch TV and is never more than a few seconds behind us.
2. Through the day he wanders through the house looking for games to play.
3. Malum has a soft and supple coat; as much as he wants to snuggle with you, it is hard to get enough of snuggling him.
4. Malum is also very playful, it is very easy to get him to join in on a game and play around.
5.In all, he is a snuggly companion.

Malum’s Personality

Malum loves to play, he LOVES to snuggle. You will never be cold again because he will curl up on your lap, across your chest, he will follow you all around the house. He is smart and likes to take up the lime light when visitors come over.

His anxiety is largely expressed in tentative “paw-ings”, but he is by far one of the most patient animals I have ever met, hands down. He loves our children, however they find that he interferes with their games because he has to lay immediately against them at all times… even if that means being on top of their game.

He is, without doubt, a lap cat.

Malum’s Favorite Toys, Foods, Activities?

He loves wet food of all sorts, we currently are feeding him Hill’s Science Urinary cat food, with assorted cat treats as the mood strikes. I can’t say any one thing is his favourite because he gets in there faster than light and gobbles everything he can.
He particularly enjoys small, light toys that he can bat and throw around. Those small balls wrapped with light twine or string are a sure-fire hit.
Sit by the fire, sit on the sofa, sit on the floor, sit on the… you know what if you sit, he will sit on you, that’ll be his favourite.

Cute Malum Story:

Malum’s respiratory illness at 8 weeks was quite severe, he snugged onto our oldest cat (at the time) to stay warm while he was healing. Years later when that cat got diabetes and was not feeling well, Malum made sure to offer comfort to his older brother.

Malum likes to run around the entire house and jump on everything, at least once a week. Then once he has confirmed that gravity has not changed, he immediately seeks a lap to nap upon.

Why is Malum Being Rehomed?

With Malum’s anxiety increasing, we worry that he is not as happy with us as he could be, and we are heartbroken that we haven’t been able to find circumstances that work for him. Unfortunately seeing him with our children, we do not foresee any short term fixes.

We are also moving across country in June, and cannot possibly imagine putting him on a plane or driving for several days with him. It would be just too traumatic for him, given his behaviour.

In short, we are so sad to be looking at rehoming, but we have reached a point that our home doesn’t seem to be the best option for Malum. And he’s a pretty great friend, so we really want the best for him.

Malum’s Perfect Adoptive Home Will Be:

A person or family who has time to let Malum climb on up and just relax in their lap, ideally without very young children, and/or who would be a single-pet home seem to be the ideal situation for Malum.

Thank you so much for reading about our buddy Malum. He’s a pretty great cat to know, he deserves a great life and know that he will quickly take to being an amazing pal to anyone who has the time and lap space to offer him.

Malum – Russian Blue mix cat For Adoption in Beaumont AB

Malum is a Russian Blue mix cat for adoption by owner in Beaumont AB. Malum is located close to the following towns and cities in AB, and can be adopted from anywhere within a reasonable distance.

Beaumont is located in the province of Alberta, Canada. In Canada, we use provinces and territories rather than states. Keeping this in mind, here are several towns and cities within approximately a 50-mile (80-kilometer) radius of Beaumont, Alberta:

Edmonton AB,
St Albert AB,
Fort Saskatchewan AB,
Nisku AB,
Devon AB,
Morinville AB,
Beaumont AB,
Spruce Grove AB,
Stoney Plain AB,
Edson AB,
Sherwood Park AB,
Leduc AB,
Millet AB,

Adopt this deserving Russian Blue mix cat in Beaumont AB today.

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