Calico Cat and Kittens For Adoption in Fairburn GA – Supplies Included – Adopt Molly and Her Three Kittens

Calico Cat and Kittens for Adoption in Fairburn, GA

Looking for a sweet cat and kittens to adopt in Fairburn, GA? Just I don’t know years old and weighing about 7lbs, Molly and her three kittens have been housebroken, and are good with new people and other cats.

This feline family have a very unique story – Molly, a stray Calico cat, found a trusted human to help care for her. She was expecting and when the time came, she delivered her three gorgeous kittens safely. Molly and her kittens are sweet and loving when they warm up, and despite their rough start, they are learning to trust humans again. It’s now time for Molly and her kittens to find their forever homes!

How To Adopt Molly and Her Three Kittens

Molly and her kittens’ caregivers are very sad to have to rehome their cherished cats. They are hoping to find a new home for Molly and her kittens where these special cats will be cherished and kept safe, happy, and healthy for life. Adopt Molly and her three kittens today!

There is a $25.00 adoption processing fee. Supplies, accessories, and veterinary records will be included.

Questions about adopting Molly and Her Three Kittens?

For inquiries, text Cami at (404) 482-1899. We look forward to hearing from you!

All About Molly and Her Three Kittens – Mamma Cat and Kittens For Adoption in Fairburn GA

Name of Pet: Molly and her three kittens
Location: Fairburn, Ga, 30213
Type of Pet: Cat
Breed of Pet: Domestic Short Hair
Color / Coat Type: Calico, short hair
Age of Pet: Unknown
Size of Pet: About 7lbs
Health Problems: None known, though they will need to be dewormed.
Behavior Issues: No
Gets along with: New people, cats
Pet is: Housebroken
Food: Other – I’ve been feeding her twice a day Friskies wet shredded, and meaty bits variety cans and also dry meow mix chicken,turkey and salmon flavor. Only one of the kittens eats the wet food as well.   I’ve been feeding the other kittens Iams proactive health healthy dry kitten food. Molly also eats that too. She’s not picky because she’s been used to scavenging for food out from the dumpster.

Molly and Her Three Kittens – Mamma Cat and Kittens For Adoption in Fairburn GA

Molly and Her Three Kittens’ Personalities

Molly is a very sweet, calm cat who’s also very friendly towards other cats. She’s also very patient and loving towards her hyperactive kittens. She’s been through a whole lot – (suddenly) trying to survive out in the wild, scavenging for food, becoming pregnant at least twice, and trusting humans again. If you’re calm, gentle and patient and give her space she’ll warm up to you as well. I wish I could keep her. She’s also used to being outside and wants to go back out too. I let her out and she comes and goes back and forth from my apartment for hours at a time.  She likes to take a break from her kittens. She’s low key and calm. I believe she may have been treated aggressively because when I say “no” to her she runs and hides. However, she warns up to you give her space and time.

Why are Molly and Her Three Kittens Being Rehomed?

She’s not mine. I live in an apartment complex and have been feeding the stray/ abandoned cats when I can. They got used to me and started following me and showing up on my doorstep often. She recently gave birth to three kittens on my doorstep and I took all four of them in for safety. I adopted one of the abandoned cats a year ago and she’s not really happy with these new arrivals. Plus, two cats and three kittens is too much for me to handle.

It would be good if Molly was rehomed to a calm, loving environment and if the kittens could stay together if possible. I think Molly is ok with being separated from her kittens, she just needs a stable, loving, calm home.

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Thank you for your interest in this deserving Feline Family for Adoption in Atlanta GA.