Watson – Super Sweet German Shepherd Mix For Loving Home in League City Texas – All Supplies Included

Hi, My name is Watson!


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There is a $150 adoption/rehoming fee. All supplies will be included.

Got a best friend yet? Well I would like to apply for the position! I am a really good dog. Seriously. I am goofy, fun, friendly, loving, playful, smart, and really well behaved.  I currently live with my Grandparents in League City, Texas, between Houston and Galveston.

I am only 3 and consider myself a lap dog. (So what if I weigh 80 pounds?) I am super healthy, and have been neutered, fully vaccinated, microchipped and very well trained. I am a perfect gentleman, house-broken and you can trust me left alone in the house.

Speaking of that, you have never seen a dog as good at welcoming you home as me. I have turned wiggling my butt into an art form. Whether you have been gone 5 minutes of 5 hours, I can always be counted on to brighten your day with a warm waggy welcome suitable for Presidents and Dignitaries. Yup, I love you THAT much!

As for my breed, I am one of nature’s designer dogs. A large helping of German Shepherd, a dash of Lab and possibly Mountain dog or Hound.  I am very handsome and definitely one-of-a-kind!

I am good with children, and have a mellow, attention loving, very predictable temperament. However, I do reserve the right to chase cats, so I am probably not the best dog for cat lovers (unless your cats need some exercise!)

Whenever I have met other dogs at the park I have gotten along very well with them. I have never lived with other dogs, but would probably be fine, just so long as they are accepting of me. I do like a lot of human attention!

My owner is so sad to have to find a good home for me. Life plays dumb tricks on us, and for me and her, that trick came in the form of her dream man being deathly allergic to pets. I’ve been living with my grandparents, who love me a lot, but they are “cat people” first and foremost, and don’t take kindly to my “cat herding” talents. Not only that, they work very long hours, and frankly, I am LONELY. 🙁

So, that means that I am looking for my dream family. I would love to find some laid back people who love to hug, snuggle, give big bones to dogs on a regular basis, and have lots of time to spend with me. I will cherish you, and hope you will have time to reciprocate. I would love a big, securely fenced yard, too. Above all, I want to be the center of your universe! Not too much to ask, is it?


Please offer me a loving, forever home today. I will bring all of my vet records, along with all my doggie stuff with me. Let’s take some long, leisurely walks on the beach together, snuggle on the couch, play fetch in the yard, and bask in the sunshine together.

Love and Licks,


All About Watson

Name of Pet: Watson
Location: League City, Texas, 77573
Type of Pet: Dog
Breed of Pet: German Shepherd Mix
Sex of Pet: Male[/one_half]

Age of Pet: About 3
Spayed/Neutered?: Yes
Health Problems: No
Up To Date on Vaccinations: Yes
Gets along with cats: No
Gets along with dogs: Unknown
Good with Children?: Yes
House Broken or Litter Trained?: Yes
Crate Trained?: Unknown
Accessories Included: 1) Large Dog Kennel
2) Collars/Leashes
3) Dog Treats and Food
4) Dog Toys
5) Dog Bed
6) De-Shedding Tool and Dog Shampoos

Watson’s Personality

1) Goofy and Friendly Personality
2) Fat face (I call him Fat Face McGee)
3) He keeps my feet warm in the winter
4) He climbs into people’s laps and waits to be noticed
5) His whole butt wags when he is excited

Watson’s Current Home Environment

Currently, he is staying with my parents. I just moved into an apartment with my boyfriend.

He is home alone a lot. Not to the point of neglect but he is definitely lonely. They live in a 2-story house with a big backyard for Watson to run around in when they are home from work.

Watson’s Current Family:

My boyfriend is a sweet guy that is allergic to anything that he can breathe in (and bananas). I like to joke that everyday is The Happening for him because the trees are constantly trying to kill him.

My mother is an aerospace engineer, so she can have some long hours. My father is a Fire Protection sprinkler fitter, who can be 10 minutes away from home or 2 hours away from home on any given day.

Watson’s Favorite Toys, Foods, Activities?

Watson really enjoys his bone. He does like toys but his bone is his partner.

Watson really enjoys going to the park because he gets to see ALL the people. He is not big on car rides because he can see people out the car windows that he cannot get pets from.

Also, is people an activity? He is an extremely social creature.

Cute Watson Story:

When I first got Watson, I was trying to study for a final and I kept getting frustrated because I was not understanding how to use a specific logic gate for digital circuits. Watson also slept by the front door. I finally yelled some nasty words that would possibly tarnish my ability to retell this story to the masses. Watson lethargically breathed deeply, staggered to his feet, shuffled over the five feet that took all of his effort to get to me, and fell asleep on my feet. He couldn’t help me with logic gates but it did make me feel a lot better having my feet warm.

Why is Watson Being Rehomed?

As mentioned, I just moved out with my Bubble Boy boyfriend (he knows that I call him this and he approves). Brandon is extremely allergic to pet dander and no amount of air filtering would be able to help with this.

My parents agreed to take the dog until I could find a suitable home for him. I have exhausted my personal references of anybody that can take the dog. Part of the issue is my age group, which is young to mid-twenties for the majority. The other part is simply how large Watson is.

My parents have two cats. Watson can be in the same room as the cats for a majority of the time, but sometimes he does chase or bully them, which is making my parents extremely unhappy. Additionally, Watson is home alone a lot because of hectic work schedules.

Watson’s Perfect Adoptive Home Will Be:

I am looking for a family that can easily home an 80 lb dog. I would like the family to be around a lot; that can be active and social with Watson. A place for him to run around would be a big plus. Older kids (like around 8-10) would also be nice. I really really REALLY would like if the dog is not kept outside ALL the time, like leashed up in the backyard.

If I can check up on Watson once in a while for the first couple of months, that would be nice as well. I can understand how that would make some families feel uncomfortable though.

Additional Comments:

I have marked unsure with “Good with Dogs” because for the majority of Watson’s time with dogs, he does get along. He plays and interacts fine with them. He gets more aggressive when food or water is introduced to the group. I have no way to train him out of this given that there is not another dog around. He is not food aggressive with people.

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