In Loving Memory of Francesca


Dear old Francesca passed away peacefully today at her vet’s office. She suffered a massive stroke, and her owner had to make the very difficult decision to help her on her journey to the Rainbow Bridge. Our sincere sympathies go out to her owner, Sharon, at this very difficult time. We are sure that Francesca knew just how much she was cherished.

Hi, My name is Francesca!

Francesca - Senior Tabby Cat For Adoption in NYC 2

Francesca is a wonder cat! This super sweet, cuddly and playful little cat is very “long in the whiskers” at 19 years of age, but still healthy, loving, and very much in her prime.

Francesca loves to snuggle and is very fond of people. She is a lap cat, with an amazing purr. Such a cutie cat!

Francesca is front-declawed. She is a very well behaved cat, and despite her age, has a lot of love left to offer.

Francesca’s owner accepted her from a friend who could no longer care for her. She loves her so much, but has come to realize that she really needs a home with a cat lover who has a lot more time to spend with her. Francesca is very people-oriented, and gets very lonely on her own.

She is fine for the usual work day periods, but really does not appreciate being on her own for extended periods of time, something which she has learned to protest by peeing outside her litter box. When she has the attention and companionship she needs, this is never an issue.

Francesca would be the ideal companion for an elderly person looking for a snuggle buddy. She need a quiet home with no other pets. She would love a solid routine and to have her owner home with her most of the time.

Because she is declawed, and because of her age, it is very important that Francesca be kept indoors at all times. She would be wonderful in an apartment. She would also make a very good therapy cat in a seniors home or hospice.

If you have room in your heart and home for this 7 pound bundle of love, please offer Francesca a loving home today. She can’t wait to meet you!

Location: New York, NY, 10021
Type of Pet: Cat
Breed: tabby cat
Age: 19 years old
Color/Coat Type: short brown, grey, and white coat
Size: about 6 or 7 pounds
Health Issues: No
Behavior Issues: No

Francesca is:
Spayed, Front Declawed

Francesca gets along with:



Francesca is very sweet. She likes to cuddle and has a wonderful purr. She is social and will visit with people who come over, will sit on their lap or next to them, and enjoys being petted. She is playful; she will swat at my cell phone charger cord and likes to swat at dangled string. She is a one-pet household kitty. My friend who gave her to me said that she was stressed out by her other cat and her dog.

Francesca is spayed and litter box trained (with out-of-box incidents when left alone too long). She is not fully vaccinated. She has always been an indoor cat. Her front paws are declawed. (My friend who had her before me had her declawed when she was young.)

I think Francesca would do well in a household with one or two adults. I don’t know how she would do with small children because she has not been around little children for the most part.

Food and Diet

Francesca is currently on Other

Francesca eats Friskies dry food and Whisker Lickin’s treats. She also likes cheese.

I leave a bowl of dried food out for her and water.

Reason For Rehoming

I think Francesca needs a home where a person/people will be home a lot. She is a friendly cat and is very affectionate. When I have friends over, she is social and visits with everyone, sitting on laps. She enjoys being petted. One of my friends gave Francesca to me about 7 years ago. Francesca lived in a household with other pets, and my friend thought she was intimidated by the other pets (a dog and another cat).

I am away from home for long hours due to work demands. I cannot give Francesca the attention that I think she requires. I believe that being alone is stressful for Francesca, hence the out-of-box behavior. When I am home at night, she cuddles up with me and sleeps with me.