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Looking for pets for adoption in Atlanta, Georgia and area? Our Atlanta pet adoption listings can help you find the perfect four-legged companion. We profile preloved dogs and cats, puppies and kittens being placed for adoption by owners who can no longer care for them.

Adopt a dog or cat, puppy or kitten in Atlanta. Atlanta Pet Rehoming Network helps keep beloved family pets out of shelters, and provides adopters with wonderful companions.

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At Atlanta Pet Adoptions Network, we know just how difficult and stressful needing to rehome a cherished pet can be. Our team of compassionate, empathetic pet rehoming counselors will help you find exactly the type of home you envision for your pet.

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Rhodesian Ridgeback Dog For Adoption In Powder Springs Georgia


Meet Beau, Rhodesian Ridgeback Dog For Adoption in Powder Springs Georgia Lovable Beau is a year and a half  old, 60 lbs and  needs a new home in or near Powder…

Black Labrador Retriever Mix Dog For Adoption In Woodstock GA - Adopt Charley

Black Labrador Retriever Mix Dog For Adoption in Woodstock GA – Adopt Charley

Charley is a Female Black Labrador Retriever Mix Dog for adoption to a very loving home in or near Woodstock, Georgia. 8 years young, Charley is one of the sweetest dogs you will find. She loves people of all ages and sizes, and is good with other dogs. She weighs about 45 pounds (medium sized) and has been spayed and fully vaccinated. Charley is house broken, very well behaved and a very good companion. Charley's owner recently moved to Georgia, and will be living in a senior facility. Unfortunately, the new home does not allow dogs above a certain size, and Charley, unfortunately, is not allowed. While it breaks her heart to have to find a new home for Charley, she is dearly hoping to find Charley a very loving new home where she will be cherished and kept safe, happy and healthy for the rest of her life. Charley is such a delightful companion that she will add plenty of love, joy, laughter and friendship to her new home. If you have been looking for a new companion, Charley would love to meet you. She is a ready-to-love dog - just adopt and enjoy! She will be rehomed with all supplies, along with the sincere gratitude of her owner, who would love to keep in touch, if it is OK with her new family. Adopt Charley today - she can't wait to meet you and show you the true meaning of unconditional love.
Tom - Orange And White Tabby Cat For Rehoming In Atlanta Georgia

Cute Orange and White Tabby Cat For Adoption in Atlanta GA – Adopt Tom

Tom is about the sweetest little Orange and White Tabby cat you will find in Atlanta. He is gentle and loves to cuddle - more of a little teddy bear than a cat. Tom is 5 years old and about 12 pounds. He has been neutered and is up to date on his shots. Tom is healthy, clean and well behaved - a joy to have in your home. Tom is very good with people of all ages, including children. He gets along well with other cats and would be fine with cat friendly dogs. Tom was adopted as a small street kitten in his home of origin - . He and his sister, Rosie, have travelled the world with their owner, who has a job involving a lot of international travel, and which now has her settled overseas. She loves her cats dearly, and wants to find them a stable home where they can put down roots and enjoy a calm, stress-free live with a solid routine and an owner who loves them to bits. Tom is closely bonded to his sister, Rosie, and would prefer to be adopted as a bonded pair. They love each other so much, it would be a real shame to separate them. Tom and Rosie will be rehomed with all supplies and accessories - all you need to add is a loving home where they will be cherished and kept safe, happy and healthy for the rest of their lives. If you have been looking for a really special pair of cats to add love, joy, laughter and companionship to your home, please consider Tom and Rosie. These are 2 little cats that will steal your heart within minutes of meeting them. Adopt these sweet Orange Tabby cats in Atlanta today.
Stella- Papillion Mix Dog To Adopt In Atlanta GA

ADOPTED in Atlanta GA – Papillon Mix Dog Called Stella


Have you been waiting for a sweet Papillon dog for adoption in Atlanta GA to come along? Stella is waiting to meet you! This adorable little female Papillon mix dog has the cutest face with one ear standing up, and the other floppy. She is just 2 years old, in good health, spayed, up to date on shots. house-trained, leash trained and ready to love. Adopt Stella today!

Meet Aero - A Sweet Black Labrador Retriever Mix Dog In Need Of A Special New Home. She Lives In Knoxville, Just A 2 Hour Drive From Lexington, Kentucky. Aero Is A Spayed Female. At Just 3 Years Old, She Is In Excellent Health. She Is Up To Date On Vaccinations And House Broken. Aero Is Good With Children And Dog-friendly Dogs. She Is Looking For A Home With A Family That Can Give Her Lots Of Attention, Love, Exercise And Playtime. Adopt This Beautiful Black Lab Mix Dog Near Lexington Today. CALL Or TEXT The AERO HOTLINE At (865) 337-8460 To Offer Her A Home Today.

REHOMED – Aero – Labrador Retriever in Knoxville TN

Meet Aero - A sweet Black Labrador Retriever mix dog for adoption in Knoxville TN just a 2 hour drive from Louisville KY, Atlanta GA, Charlotte NC, Nashville TN and Lexington KY. Aero is a spayed female, 4 years old and in excellent health. She is up to date on shots and house broken. Aero is good with children and dog-friendly dogs. She is looking for a home with a family that can give her lots of attention, love, exercise and playtime. Adopt this beautiful Black Lab mix dog in Knoxville today. AERO HOTLINE (865) 337-8460 or email [email protected]