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Bonded standard poodles rehomed in high river ab

 Meet Archie and Luna – Pre-Loved Standard Poodles REHOMED by Owner in High River Alberta

Archie and Luna are a male and female pair of Standard Poodles REHOMED to a very loving home in or near High River, Alberta. These very special dogs are 5 and 4 years old and weigh 43 and 37 pounds.

Tragically, the dogs’ owner has a terminal illness and is no longer able to care for her beloved dogs. With the help of her dear friend, she is looking for an exceptionally loving home where the dogs will stay together and be a part of a loving family.


We are thrilled to announce that Archie and Luna found a wonderful home with a young couple up in Hinton Alberta. A very happy ending to a very sad story. The dog’s caretakers were convinced that the couple chosen to adopt this deserving pair were exactly what the dogs needed, and wewere thrilled to have been given the opportunity to find their forever home.

Are you hoping to adopt a Standard Poodle in Alberta?  We welcome you to complete our online waiting list form. Once received, our Alberta Dog Rehoming Team will contact you as soon as we have a match for you.


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All About Archie and Luna Standard Poodles REHOMED in High River Alberta

Name of Pet: Archie
Location: High River, Alberta, T1V 1G2
Type of Pet: dog
Breed of Pet: Standard Poodle – Purebred
Sex of Pet: Male
Age of Pet: 5 and 4
Spayed/Neutered?: Yes
Health Problems: No
Behavior Issues: No
Archie is a bit nervous in a vehicle, but does not hesitate to get in. He and Luna respond to a “hup -hup” command to get into a vehicle.

We are testing them to see what their response is to cats.

Re other dogs – They mostly ignore other dogs, and play with each other at the kennel. They are afraid of larger dogs, but OK with small dogs.
Up To Date on Vaccinations: Yes
Gets along with cats: Not sure
Gets along with dogs: Yes
Good with Children?: Good With Children aged 8 and up
House Broken or Litter Trained?: Yes
Crate Trained?: Yes
Accessories Included: There are a lot of supplies. Crates, beds, several leashes, winter coats, Walking harnesses, “Hands free” hiking harness and leashes, back pack, toys, food bowls, anti-slip rubber place mats, food.

Archie’s Personality

Archie is loving. He’s shy until he gets to know you, and playful and likes to cuddle. He has done reading therapy in schools, and sits attentively while children read to him. He is a favourite. He relaxes in the evening as long as he has had a long run during the day. He barks when in the house only when someone comes to the door. He is silly outside when on off leash runs.

Luna’s Personality

Loving, and more shy than Archie at first. She is VERY active, and needs, and has had, 2 (1 hour ) walks daily. She chews bedding if she has not had enough activity and if she is bored.

She needs “brain” work. She has done several agility classes, and excels at it. She is playful and silly and will spin in circles if excited. Her “kennel Mom” discourages this, as she does not pay attention to her surroundings when she does this!

Archie is an Amazing Companion Because He  is:

His loving ways
His sensitivity to children in schools in reading programs
He is handsome
His zest for life

Luna is an Amazing Companion Because She is:

Her energy and exuberance
Her intelligence
Her beauty
Her skill at agility

Archie and Luna’s Favorite Toys, Foods, Activities?

Loves to run off leash. Recall is excellent once they get to know you. They have done a lot of hiking in the mountains on a “hands free harness/leash”. Luna likes to play ball, but she does not enjoy “chuck it”. The ball is returned to your hand and YOU must throw it.

Both like kongs or stuffed bones to chew. There are no food allergies or environmental sensitivities.

Luna has been on a high quality kibble (Formina). 1 cup, twice per day. She prefers a bit of water and a little canned food mixed into the kibble.

Cute Archie Story:

I went to the breeder’s with my friend to pick up Archie. As we waited for my friend, he carefully surveyed “his” yard, and then went way across it to dogs who were in a fenced off area to say hi. He seemed the most content dog in the world.

Also, Archie knows his importance when visiting schools where children “read to him”. He lays near each one ever so quietly.

Why are Archie and Luna Being Rehomed?

Luna’s present owner has asked her kennel Mom, and me, a friend, to seek a new home for her beloved pets. She is suddenly terminally ill, and has been hospitalized for a month.

Archie’s Perfect Adoptive Home Will Be:

These dogs were central to our friend’s life. She was a very active person, who lived alone. We are looking for a home where the person(s) will spend a lot of time with them, and take them with them when they go out, more often than not.

Exercise is a priority. They are not “Dog Park” dogs, and are accustomed to running in the woods adjacent to our small town. They generally ignore other dogs and play with each other. Neither like big dogs. Smaller dogs are OK.

Ideally, the home would have just the two of them. A smaller dog would be OK, but the smaller dog would have to be able to tolerate a lot of energy!

An important note – Luna wears a harness at all times when walking, to attach to a leash. She has a sensitive trachea, and if attached by her collar, and if she pulls, it can be several days before the irritation goes away. It sounds like she has kennel cough. This does not in any way affect her activity, as she has no shortness of breath when running and playing.

Also, a note on kennel training – she is kennel trained, but has never had to spend long periods of time in a kennel. Adopt this deserving Standard Poodle – Purebred dog in High River, Alberta today.

Archie and Luna are Located in High River, AB, close to the following towns and cities in Alberta:

Okotoks AB,
Nanton AB,
Black Diamond AB,
Vulcan AB,
Calgary AB,
Strathmore AB,
Claresholm AB,
Airdrie AB,
Cochrane AB,
Irricana AB,
Crossfield AB,
Elkford AB,
Fort Macleod AB,
Bassano AB,
Carstairs AB,

Adopt this stunning bonded pair of Standard Poodles in High River, Alberta today.


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