Bonded Tabby Cats For Adoption in Middleburg Florida – Meet Sunny and Rory

Rory is an orange tabby cat for adoption in middlebiurg florida

Looking for an Orange Tabby cat for adoption in Middleburg, Florida? How about an adoptable Grey Tabby cat? Why not multiply the purrs and offer a loving, forever home to Sunny and Rory, a sweet bonded pair of Tabbies.

Sunny and Rory are a sweet bonded pair of Tabbies who are in desperate need of a loving, forever home. They are currently besieged by dogs to the point where their lives have become a living Hell on Earth. Their owners are heartbroken but have had to make the difficult decision to rehome their cherished cats due to circumstances beyond their control.

Sunny and Rory are not aggressive and have a sweet disposition. They love to purr and are beautiful cats who are looking for a calm home where they can relax and just give the love they want. They prefer to be adopted together as they have bonded and are a wonderful pair. If you have room in your heart and home for this deserving bonded pair of tabby cats, then please offer Sunny and Rory a loving, forever home today.