Belgian Malinois Siberian Husky Mix For Adoption Alameda CA Adopt Chief

Obedience Trained Belgian Malinois Siberian Husky Mix For Adoption in Alameda CA – Supplies Included – Adopt Chief Fairman

Looking for a Belgian Malinois Siberian Husky Mix Dog to adopt in Alameda, CA? Just 2.5 yrs years old and weighing 75lbs, Chief Fairman has been fixed, fully vaccinated, housebroken, microchipped, leash trained, obedience trained, and crate trained, and is good with older children, new people, dog-friendly dogs, and dog-friendly cats. Looking for a loyal, active, canine companion? Look no further than Chief - a handsome Belgian Malinois Siberian Husky mix with lots of love and cuddles to share. This beautiful boy is intelligent and social, fitting into any pack with ease. He thrives on physical and intellectual stimulation, so he will require a family who is dedicated to furthering his training and help quell his resource guarding behaviors. Chief is excited to hike, run, and swim with his forever family - will you be his best buddy? Chief Fairman's owners are very sad to have to rehome their cherished Dog. They are hoping to find a new home for Chief Fairman where this special Dog will be cherished and kept safe, happy, and healthy for life. If you have room in your heart and home for Chief Fairman, please complete our online meeting request form. Once received, our Alameda Dog Rehoming team will make arrangements for you to meet Chief Fairman and his owners. Adopt Chief Fairman today! #dogsofIG #adoptabledogsofIG #dogstagram #belgianmalinois #siberianhusky #belgianmalinoislovers #ilovebelgianmalinois #siberianhuskylovers #ilovesiberianhuskies #adoptablepetsofCA #alamedaCA #sanfranciscodogs #dogsofsanfrancisco #adoptdontshop

Stunning Longhair Tuxedo Cat For Adoption in San Jose California – Supplies Included – Adopt Oliver

Meet Oliver, a gorgeous longhaired Tuxedo cat that loves to be held like a baby! Oliver is the perfect cat looking for the perfect home. He is such a sweet, gentle boy, aged 3 and weighing 14 pounds. He loves to cuddle and will capture your heart with his purrs of contentment. Oliver needs to escape a noisy, busy household where he is constantly afraid and hiding away. With 2 other cats, a dog and a house full of kids, activity and noise, Oliver feels constantly under seige. This sweet, sensitive soul needs a quiet home with a human all to himself. He would love to become the cherished companion of a senior cat lover, or a single or couple with no small children or other pets. This charming cat has so much personality and affection to offer - he just needs a home in which he will feel safe and happy. If you have the right home and are looking for the perfect feline companion, please offer Oliver his forever home today. He can't wait to purr his way into your heart. Visit Oliver's adoption story page to learn more about this handsome Longhaired Tuxedo cat for adoption in San Jose CA #tuxedocat #catsofinstagram #tuxedocatsofinstagram #catstagram #catlife #adoptdontshop #blackandwhitecat #instacat #catlover #tuxedofeatures #catlovers #tuxedocats #catoftheday #tuxedocatsrule #tuxedo #catsofig #tuxiesofinstagram #longhaircats #longhairedcats #sanjose #bayarea #sanfrancisco #oakland #santaclara #sacramento #southbay #sanjosecalifornia #sanjoseca #losgatos @san.francisco_community
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