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Adopt a Pre-Loved Cat or Kitten in Alberta

Have you been searching for Cats for adoption in Alberta? Pet Rehoming Network is the purrfect option for finding your dream cat. We showcase pre-loved cats and kittens that are in need of a loving new home due to an unfortunate situation facing the owner.

Whether this is severe allergies that have developed in someone in the home, the cat being overly stressed because of the addition of a new baby to the home, there are so many valid reasons why we are asked to rehome a cat or kitten in Alberta and area.

By adopting a cat through Alberta Pet Rehoming Network, you’ll not only find a wonderful, affectionate, healthy, beautiful, and playful pet, but you’ll make a big difference for a cat owner facing one of life’s most difficult situations.

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6 Great Reasons to Adopt a Cat in Alberta Through Pet Rehoming Network

1. “Save a Spot for a Rescue Cat”: By adopting a cat from Alberta’s pet rehoming network, you are essentially saving a spot for an abused, neglected, or abandoned cat. Every cat we find a home for means one less cat needing the help of shelters and rescues, leaving them better able to respond to the need for their essential services.

2. “Improve Your Mental Health”: Studies have shown that owning a pet, particularly a cat, can significantly improve one’s mental health. Cats are known for their calming effect and can help reduce stress and anxiety. They can also offer companionship, which can be beneficial for those who live alone or are dealing with depression.

3. “Support a Local Organization”: By adopting a cat through the Pet Rehoming Network in Alberta, you are directly supporting a local organization committed to animal welfare. This  helps us to continue to support the local cat-loving community.

4. “Cost-Effective”: Adopting a cat from a Pet Rehoming Network is more cost-effective than buying from a breeder. Our adoption fees are very little, and you normally will receive everything the cat’s owner has on hand. This can include a litter box, cat litter, cat food, cat treats, cat toys, a cat tower or condo, bed and more.

Moreover, pre-loved cats are usually up to date on vaccinations, have been spayed or neutered, and have had a recent checkup with their veterinarian.

5. “Promote Responsible Pet Ownership”: By choosing to adopt, you are promoting responsible pet ownership. You’re also setting a great example for others in the community about the importance and benefits of adoption.

6. Helping a Cat Owner in Need: No cat owner ever “wants” to have to rehome their cat. Circumstances always make this necessary, and it is always heartbreaking for the owner, and stressful for the cat. By adopting a pre-loved cat from the owner via our safe, stress-free rehoming process, you are making a difficult situation much better for both cat and owner.

Adopt a Cat in Alberta today!

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