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About Coon Hounds

The Coon Hound, is a type of scent hound, a member of the hound group. They are an American type of hunting dog developed for the game animals and working conditions found in the United States, specifically raccoon hunting. There are six distinct breeds of Coon Hound. Wikipedia

Mass: Black and Tan Coon Hound: 29 – 34 kg,
Lifespan: Black and Tan Coonhound: 10 – 12 years, Basset Hound: 11 – 12 years
Height: Black and Tan Coonhound: 58 – 69 cm,

Coon Hound Dog Adoption and Rehoming

Coon Hound Dog adoption. Adopt a preloved Coon Hound Dog or puppy from an owner who can no longer care for their pet. Coon Hound dog rehoming.

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Coon Hounds For Private Adoption By Owner

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