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Stunning bernedoodle dog for adoption in calgary ab – supplies included – adopt koda

Stunning Bernedoodle Dog For Adoption in Calgary AB – Supplies Included – Adopt Koda

Looking for a Bernedoodle Dog to adopt in Calgary, Alberta? Koda would love to be considered for the position of cherished family pet.

Just 15 months old and weighing 32 kgs, this deserving Dog is looking for a loving forever home anywhere within a reasonable distance of Calgary, Alberta. A perfect mix of Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle, Koda has a gorgeous non-shedding coat and a wonderful personality. Koda is equal parts curious, affectionate, and playful!

Koda is what we call a “ready-to-love” Dog. This adorable adoptable Bernedoodle Dog has been fixed, fully vaccinated, housebroken, microchipped, leash trained, and obedience trained- all you need to add is lots of love, care, companionship, and some daily activity. Koda is active and loves going for daily walks. She is a joy both on and off leash, and while she can be a little timid with other dogs, she does well with doggy friends at the dog park. 

Koda gets along well with babies and small children, older children, new people, dogs, and small Animals. What a great Dog! Koda would absolutely love to have children in her new home where she can be an adored companion and playmate. She will easily fit into any family and is sure to steal hearts.

Koda’s owners are very sad to have to rehome their cherished Dog. They are hoping to find a new home for Koda where this special Dog will be cherished and kept safe, happy, and healthy for life.

If you have room in your heart and home for Koda, please complete our online meeting request form. Once received, our Calgary Dog Rehoming team will make arrangements for you to meet Koda and her owners. Adopt Koda today!

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Sheepadoodle for adoption in columbus ohio – supplies included – adopt maggie

Sheepadoodle For Adoption in Columbus Ohio – Supplies Included – Adopt Maggie

Have you been searching for a Sheepadoodle for adoption in Columbus Ohio? Maggie may be the dog of your dreams. This 19 month old puppy weighs about 50 pounds. She has been spayed, fully vaccinated, micro-chipped and house-broken. She is leash trained and has recently undergone intensive obedience training. She is a beautiful dog with a loving, devoted personality.