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Small family faced with rehoming a dog pictured from behind walking their dog
Being faced with rehoming a dog can be very distressing for every member of your family – your pet included.

Looking for pet rehoming services near you? The first and most innovative pet rehoming services provider in the USA and Canada, Pet Rehoming Network caters to the needs of responsible dog and cat owners who find themselves in the devastating situation of having to find a new home for their cherished family companion.

Providing pet rehoming services is serious business, as you can see from the look on this busy beagle's face.Whether it’s rehoming a dog safely, or careful, compassionate help in cat rehoming that is needed, you can count on our top notch team of pet advertising and promotions experts to guide you through the process of finding that perfect new home for your companion.

Pet Rehoming Network offers premium, private pet rehoming services for responsible pet owners from throughout the USA and Canada. Our safe, effective and personalized hands-on service helps pet owners faced with one of the most difficult and tragic situations in life.

PLEASE NOTE:  We are not a rescue or shelter and, as much as we wish we could help, we are not able to accept surrenders. Our very safe and careful process takes a few weeks at the very least, and often longer., when rehoming a dog or cat through our process.  It is intended for pet owners who have the time to rehome their pet safely and carefully.

In highly urgent situations, it is best to contact a local shelter, rescue or pet sanctuary in your area, or specific to your breed of dog or cat.

If you are hoping to adopt a pet, visit our listings for pets for adoption near you.

 Rehome Your Pet Very Safely and Effectively

Are you concerned about safety where rehoming your pet is concerned? So are we! Keeping pets, pet owners, and their families safe and free of online scams and other dangers is of the utmost importance to us.

Our safe, gentle, effective and stress-free pet rehoming process ensures your peace of mind while finding the very best home for your cherished companion.

Our team will receive all phone calls, texts and emails on your behalf, ensuring that your contact information is kept confidential throughout the process of searching for your pet’s new family.

Only once we have received a “meeting request form submission” and reviewed and screened the interested party will they be put in touch with you. This protects your identity and keeps you from having to deal with all those “less than compassionate” phone calls, texts and email messages – all which can be incredibly discouraging and upsetting when rehoming a dog or cat.

If you are facing the very difficult situation of having to rehome your pet, please reach out to us. We will be happy to speak with you about your situation with empathy, guidance and a solid plan for placing your pet in the most loving home – carefully chosen to provide everything your pet needs.

Whether you need to rehome your dog or cat, we will carefully guide you through the process of pet rehoming with experience, know-how, caution, extreme care, and plenty of compassion.  Get in touch with our empathetic pet rehoming team today.

Do You Have any Questions About Rehoming a Dog or Cat Near You?

Photo of a lab puppy staring at a floating question mark to demonstrate that we have a chat page where we answer questions about our pet rehoming services. It reads "questions about rehoming a dog or cat? Chat with a team member now.
Visit our chat page to text with a member of our rehoming team right now!

If you have questions about our premium pet rehoming services, please be sure to visit our chat page, where you can ask questions of one of our amazing rehoming team members. We offer sound advice, emotional support, kindness and compassion, regardless of your situation.

Our team members will explain our three levels of rehoming services packages to you, and help you make an educated choice about the right service for you and your pet.

Thank you for your interest in our premium private pet rehoming services near you. While we sincerely hope that you don’t need our services, if you do need our help rehoming a dog or cat, puppy or kitten, please be sure and reach out to us. Our experienced, highly empathetic, and very helpful rehoming team members are waiting to be of assistance to you.

We understand just how difficult being faced with such a devastating choice, a can help make a very distressing situation much more bearable for you, your family and your cherished dog or cat. If you do need our help, we hope to hear from you soon!