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Looking for pets for adoption near you? Look no further. Pet Rehoming Network showcases adoptable pets from throughout the USA and Canada. Whether you are looking for dogs for adoption near you or cats for adoption near you, you’ll find pre-loved dogs, cats, puppies and kittens available for private adoption by owner on our listing pages.

Safe and Affordable Pet Adoptions In Your Area

Have you noticed the number of scammers and scams on the go on social media and classified ads these days? It seems to be worse than ever. These platforms seem to do nothing about subjecting their visitors to the dangers that lie in wait for them when simply trying to find a suitable pet for adoption near them. If you have been scammed, or are concerned about this growing problem, then we have great news for you.

Pet Rehoming Network is 100% scam-free. Yes, you heard us right. How is this possible, you ask? Let us explain…

At Pet Rehoming Network, we DO NOT ALLOW people to post their own pets. We don’t have an open system where anyone from anywhere can post anything. That’s how scammers enter the picture. We don’t have “ads” – we have carefully written pet adoption stories, prepared by our rehoming team. We are very different from a pet classified ads website. Everyone is carefully screened – pet owners needing to rehome a pet, and also potential adopters hoping to adopt one of our pre-loved pets.

Our rehoming team is very involved in every pet rehoming case showcased on our website, and also in screening potential adopters, before they are introduced to our pet owners. This ensures the safety and confidentiality of everyone involved, pets and their families included. When you apply to meet a pet through our unique, very hands-on pet rehoming service, you can be assured that there is a real pet in need of a loving home, accurately profiled with plenty of information, photos and even video clips. You can even reach out and ask questions, if something you are wondering about is not included in the profile.

So all in all, is Pet Rehoming Network a good place to find pets for adoption near you? We think so! (and we hope you do, too!)

Need to Rehome Your Pet?

Visit our pet rehoming services page to learn all about how we can safely and effectively find your pet a loving, forever home.

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